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Data-driven Supply Chain and Packaging Solutions in the “New Normal”

The supply shock that started with Covid-19 not only created a demand shock with multiple lockdowns across countries, but also exposed vulnerabilities in production strategies and supply chain for many enterprises. Product shortages, capacity constraints, and global supplier networks triggered continuous disruption in the supply chain across industries. The gradual re-opening and further lockdowns did […]

AIOps and Observability Complete Each Other for Holistic Cloud-Native Application Monitoring

There is no leadership without technology leadership, the pandemic revealed. Customer demands are prompting rapid overhauls of how business gets done and a digital-first approach. Cloud migration is an essential requirement for organizations embracing digital. As per Accenture’s Technology Trend report 2021, 82% of organizations are ramping up their cloud usage in direct response to […]

Drive Digital Transformation with ServiceNow Adoption

Embracing digital adoption across the enterprise functions is now a compulsion and not a choice. Digital Transformation is no more a buzzword, but it is imperative for businesses across the globe. Earlier, businesses took up digital transformation initiatives to stay put with their competitors. But now with the pandemic, it has become a sustainability issue. […]

Reimagine Customer experience in the PostCOVID world using Data & Analytics

The COVID-19 crisis will end at some point. As the consumer businesses bounce back, we expect changes in consumer preferences and business models to outlast the immediate crisis. More and more customers have grown comfortable with digital, remote, and low-touch options, even in rural and older populations. This means creating a flawless digital customer experience […]

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare – 5 Use Cases to Transform Patient Care

All of us know that Healthcare transformation is long overdue even before 2020, but the pandemic forced the adoption of digital technologies. More than any other sector, Healthcare workers across the globe had to adapt efficient strategies to meet the overwhelming demand while also maintaining the safety of their front line from the virus. Previously […]

Why customers churn and How to fix it?

As the world has transformed organizations in every industry into a subscription-based business, the most dreaded aspect by every business leader or marketer is customer churn. Churn rate has a direct relationship with the company’s revenue. While business leaders attribute their losses to the overheads, failed marketing and ad campaigns, extravagant expenses, and failed product […]

How to improve and measure customer experience (CX)

Would the customer buying habits have changed over the past year during the pandemic? Undoubtedly, the previous year has changed the way people work, live, buy and socialize. How would we match the customers’ changed buying behavior? How would we know what is changed? Is there anything which is not changed? Unanimously, customer experience (CX) […]

Seven steps framework to minimize customer churn and drive higher revenue using predictive analytics

What and Why churn matters to your business? Customer churn is a serious issue for any industry as customers do not hesitate to leave if they don’t find what they are looking for. They are constantly looking for competitive pricing, value for money, and above all, high-quality service. Customer churning is directly related to customer […]

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