Building a Roadmap to enhance analytical capabilities

Developing analytical capability seems to be straightforward. It is also a fact that most firms have paid close attention to data over the last decade, have sponsored analytical programs, and have attained a higher stage of analytical capability. However, an overwhelming majority of organizations have neither a finely honed analytical capability nor a detailed plan […]

How Data Science can solve Email Campaign challenges

The power of this digital world is that we can measure, quantify, and qualify pretty much everything you want to analyze. Why don’t we use these capabilities of this digital spectrum for our core marketing activities as well? When it comes to marketing, still emailing is one of the basic and important activities which every […]

Awesome Twosome of Successful Marketing Organizations – Creativity & Analytics

Companies that apply creativity and data in unison have registered growth rates twice their competition. Here’s a sneak peek of how they do it. “Ideas and numbers” have always had an uneasy alliance in marketing. To creative directors, designers, and copywriters, creativity is an instinctual process of building emotional bonds with consumers. Bring in too […]

Key Attributes of an Insights Driven Organization

An insights-driven organization uses analytics extensively and systematically to outthink and outexecute the competition. So how does one identify or create this insights-driven enterprise? It stands to reason that if analytics is to support competitive strategy, they must support an essential and distinctive capability. At Netflix, the primary focus for analytics is on predicting customer […]

Value-based ‘New Normal’ with Financial Analytics in Healthcare

Value-based ‘New Normal’ with Financial Analytics in Healthcare Traditionally, US Healthcare system relied on Fee for Service (FFS) care and patient volumes to keep up the financials intact. With Covid-19 pandemic, elective surgeries were interrupted, chronic disease treatments were postponed, and hospital visits dropped by more than 70%. Burdened by the influx of Covid-19 cases […]

Using Analytics to Build Competitive Advantage

Many of the previous bases for the competition are no longer available as proprietary technologies are rapidly copied, and breakthrough innovation in products or services seems increasingly challenging to achieve. Organizations’ only option to remain competitive is to execute with maximum efficiency and effectiveness and make the smartest business possible. Analytics can support almost any […]

Digital Transformation is Challenging. Are You Ready?

Digital transformation is a difficult journey if you don’t have a plan for it. As the digital model radically redesigns the enterprises across all the industries, more and more enterprises started pursuing large-scale digital transformation efforts to stay ahead in the market.  In a Mckinsey Global Survey, more than 8 respondents out of 10 said […]

How to resume stalled digital transformation progress?

Seven out of ten respondents said that transformation progress in their organization is stalled at some point. Here we will discuss how organizations can prevent and restart the digital transformation progress.  A new McKinsey Global Survey suggested that enterprises stand a chance of restarting stalled digital transformation progress because most of the reasons for the slowdown are […]

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