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Data Mesh vs Data Lake – Driving Business Insights at Scale

Data is now the soul of every digital business, and the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Analytics and AI as a business function. Over the past few years, organizations had to rapidly move to new data technologies, modern data architectures, and infrastructure to drive innovations such as personalized product recommendations and predictive analytics. Despite […]

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) – Too Many Roles in the Post-pandemic Era

Do you want your data to have a voice? Yes, data can speak volumes that can impact the success of enterprises across the globe. A CDO plays a key role in driving data literacy and building the required data competencies within organizations. Do you know that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) first hired a […]

Data-driven Supply Chain and Packaging Solutions in the “New Normal”

The supply shock that started with Covid-19 not only created a demand shock with multiple lockdowns across countries, but also exposed vulnerabilities in production strategies and supply chain for many enterprises. Product shortages, capacity constraints, and global supplier networks triggered continuous disruption in the supply chain across industries. The gradual re-opening and further lockdowns did […]

AIOps and Observability Complete Each Other for Holistic Cloud-Native Application Monitoring

There is no leadership without technology leadership, the pandemic revealed. Customer demands are prompting rapid overhauls of how business gets done and a digital-first approach. Cloud migration is an essential requirement for organizations embracing digital. As per Accenture’s Technology Trend report 2021, 82% of organizations are ramping up their cloud usage in direct response to […]

Drive Digital Transformation with ServiceNow Adoption

Embracing digital adoption across the enterprise functions is now a compulsion and not a choice. Digital Transformation is no more a buzzword, but it is imperative for businesses across the globe. Earlier, businesses took up digital transformation initiatives to stay put with their competitors. But now with the pandemic, it has become a sustainability issue. […]

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare – 5 Use Cases to Transform Patient Care

All of us know that Healthcare transformation is long overdue even before 2020, but the pandemic forced the adoption of digital technologies. More than any other sector, Healthcare workers across the globe had to adapt efficient strategies to meet the overwhelming demand while also maintaining the safety of their front line from the virus. Previously […]

Why and How Snowflake Migration Can Reveal the Difference

Are you looking for real-time data analytics? Do you want to isolate storage from computing to save money? Is your organization concerned about security and governance while being agile? In recent times, organizations are in dire need to be data-driven. The priority in this journey is to make it easy for data teams to store […]

Building a Roadmap to enhance analytical capabilities

Developing analytical capability seems to be straightforward. It is also a fact that most firms have paid close attention to data over the last decade, have sponsored analytical programs, and have attained a higher stage of analytical capability. However, an overwhelming majority of organizations have neither a finely honed analytical capability nor a detailed plan […]

Value-based ‘New Normal’ with Financial Analytics in Healthcare

Value-based ‘New Normal’ with Financial Analytics in Healthcare Traditionally, US Healthcare system relied on Fee for Service (FFS) care and patient volumes to keep up the financials intact. With Covid-19 pandemic, elective surgeries were interrupted, chronic disease treatments were postponed, and hospital visits dropped by more than 70%. Burdened by the influx of Covid-19 cases […]

Using Analytics to Build Competitive Advantage

Many of the previous bases for the competition are no longer available as proprietary technologies are rapidly copied, and breakthrough innovation in products or services seems increasingly challenging to achieve. Organizations’ only option to remain competitive is to execute with maximum efficiency and effectiveness and make the smartest business possible. Analytics can support almost any […]

Become Insight-Driven or Irrelevant!

The last decade has witnessed enterprises’ becoming overly obsessive about capturing ‘Data’ and creating a tsunami of data to the extent of intimidating its users and owners. This decade, businesses will focus on the insights and intelligence that drive actions. What are insights? The term insights is an empty word misused by technology marketers and […]

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