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Reimagine Customer experience in the PostCOVID world using Data & Analytics

The COVID-19 crisis will end at some point. As the consumer businesses bounce back, we expect changes in consumer preferences and business models to outlast the immediate crisis. More and more customers have grown comfortable with digital, remote, and low-touch options, even in rural and older populations. This means creating a flawless digital customer experience […]

Seven steps framework to minimize customer churn and drive higher revenue using predictive analytics

What and Why churn matters to your business? Customer churn is a serious issue for any industry as customers do not hesitate to leave if they don’t find what they are looking for. They are constantly looking for competitive pricing, value for money, and above all, high-quality service. Customer churning is directly related to customer […]

Why do you need to invest in Unstructured data analytics for improving customer acquisition and retention?

Each minute generates ∼500,000 tweets, ∼53,000 Uber trips, ∼300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute, and more. Hold your breath and now look at this: in 1964, 1TB of memory would have cost about $3.5 billion. Today? $47 . . . and it fits into your back pocket. Added to this, consider the impact […]

Why do Enterprise Data Lake Projects fail?

In recent years many enterprises have begun experimenting with using big data and cloud technologies to build data lakes and support data­driven culture and decision making—but the projects often stall or fail because the approaches that worked at internet companies cannot be adapted for the enterprise, and there is no comprehensive practical guide on how […]

The number one reason you need a Data Flywheel

Data has come to be the most valuable business asset as most companies have transformed themselves wholly or partially into a digital business. They are using data : to personalize search and recommended results. to gain customer insights that power their products and services to serve relevant ads and drive further actions to power live […]

Awesome Twosome of Successful Marketing Organizations – Creativity & Analytics

Companies that apply creativity and data in unison have registered growth rates twice their competition. Here’s a sneak peek of how they do it. “Ideas and numbers” have always had an uneasy alliance in marketing. To creative directors, designers, and copywriters, creativity is an instinctual process of building emotional bonds with consumers. Bring in too […]

Key Attributes of an Insights Driven Organization

An insights-driven organization uses analytics extensively and systematically to outthink and outexecute the competition. So how does one identify or create this insights-driven enterprise? It stands to reason that if analytics is to support competitive strategy, they must support an essential and distinctive capability. At Netflix, the primary focus for analytics is on predicting customer […]

Why do so many analytics projects fail to implement?

For a few years now, organizations have relied on big data and analytics applications, and now a change is taking place. Companies are beginning to move from “experimental analytics” to “industrialized analytics” as they become more aware of the kinds of business results they can achieve. But it is not the kind of massive change […]

Do you need a stronger case for Cloud?

Undertaking digital transformation means transforming how your IT responds to the business and identifying the success metrics that govern the digital journey. In most organizations, the IT budget is spent on keeping the lights on, but only a fraction spent on innovation, which shapes the future of the organization. Digitization of services is a journey […]

Why Ansible is the power you need to drive transformation?

If anything is constant in the technology landscape, it is the change that is brought by the continuous influx of new tools that create an environment with enterprise applications that are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and often are mission-critical. They are deployed on a variety of platforms across private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. […]

How prepared is your business for the second wave?

As we are just coming out of the first wave of COVID-19 that shook the business and economies of the world for several weeks, we are forced to prepare for the second wave.  Businesses and their leaders must continuously demonstrate a well-oiled business continuity machine and agility to adapt and respond to new business challenges. […]

Riding Digital Transformation using Open Source Technologies

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into all business areas, fundamentally changing the way customers are acquired, serviced, and retained. But, it is more than just a technology transformation as it includes: Cultural changes – new ways of working together and building organizations. Agile Process – new ways of doing things across both […]

Technology-Adoption Triangle for Business Revival

Towards the end of 2019, Gartner published 10 Strategic technology trends for 2020. While almost all of the trends will be relevant, the post-COVID-19 impact has reprioritized the order in which it will take place. I have tried to visualize how the business may approach these technologies for adoption. We all know that political and […]

Saxonlabs Achieves Bronze Partner Accreditation

Saxonlabs, a software development, cloud & Automation technology solutions provider, has joined the Automation Anywhere Alliance program to help customers augment their business processes and accelerate digital transformation. This alliance is focused on fostering the automation solutions across the country with Saxonlabs Technology Services. Enterprises are adopting automation at a rapid pace, with this alliance […]

How Saxon on-demand software services is the right prescription for the current business environment?

We all have come to learn that 2020 – will be a landmark year in the history of work culture. Indeed, post this, how we work, and get things done remotely will shape future organizational structure. It has undoubtedly pushed many conventional industries and businesses to think lean, adopt tools that can help them work […]

What We Learned From a Room Full of Technology Leaders

HaricharanHari is a Digital Marketer and Digital transformation specialist. He is adept at cultivating strong executive and customer relationships, utilizing data across all interactions (customers, employees, services, products) to lead cross-functionally as a strategic thought partner to install discipline, process, and methodology into a scalable company-wide customer-centric model. He has 18+ year’s experience in Customer […]

The Reciprocity rule

Social psychology has helped us understand social norms based on how individuals think, feel, behave and interact. These three variables can be measured in human interaction and help us understand and predict how certain individuals may react to one’s actions. Social psychology examines these variables to bridge the gap between psychology and sociology. In 1945, […]

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