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Top 5 reasons why your data needs Data Lakehouse

Data is the quintessential ingredient of a successful business recipe. How you treat your data determines your sustainable business growth. Data needs a place to live, organize, analyze, and convert into insights. Organizations across industries have been relying on Data warehouses for several years to handle their data. With the proliferation of a massive amount […]

How to improve and measure customer experience (CX)

Would the customer buying habits have changed over the past year during the pandemic? Undoubtedly, the previous year has changed the way people work, live, buy and socialize. How would we match the customers’ changed buying behavior? How would we know what is changed? Is there anything which is not changed? Unanimously, customer experience (CX) […]

Digital Transformation is Challenging. Are You Ready?

Digital transformation is a difficult journey if you don’t have a plan for it. As the digital model radically redesigns the enterprises across all the industries, more and more enterprises started pursuing large-scale digital transformation efforts to stay ahead in the market.  In a Mckinsey Global Survey, more than 8 respondents out of 10 said […]

How to resume stalled digital transformation progress?

Seven out of ten respondents said that transformation progress in their organization is stalled at some point. Here we will discuss how organizations can prevent and restart the digital transformation progress.  A new McKinsey Global Survey suggested that enterprises stand a chance of restarting stalled digital transformation progress because most of the reasons for the slowdown are […]

Digital Transformation Expectations vs. Reality

Staying competitive is more critical than ever in this current market scenario. CIOs and CTOs have acknowledged the significance of digital transformation in business survival and success. Unquestionably, we need digital transformation, but we need a well-managed one, not the temporary one to manage some necessities for short period. Being CIOs means you are the […]

Did Pandemic Boost the Health Care Industry Digital Transformation Journey?

The Healthcare industry is the one that stood firm against the fight of the pandemic. The fight is continued because the post-pandemic era requires a lot of improvements.  During the pandemic, health care providers focused on Digital Technology Tools to expedite their operations and keep the costs low. This will continue after the pandemic.  There […]

Cyber Security Remains One of The Biggest Concerns

Digitalization is turning out to be one of the most critical factors in the success of enterprises. While digital transformation is on the chart of every enterprise, but they miss the security aspect. When you digitalize all your processes, make sure you put a robust cybersecurity mechanism in place.  Amidst the cloud technology adoption, cyberspace […]

What is your digital quotient?

Few organizations are converting the challenges into opportunities by tapping into the digital transformation. Digital transformation is the savior for several organizations across all industries (Food, Insurance, Hospital, Retail, Healthcare) during this global pandemic. According to the KPMG report ” CEO Outlook 2020: COVID-19 “, 80% of the CEOs of the world’s largest organizations have seen their […]

Are your Job Descriptions Scaring away the right candidates?

What could be the reason behind not receiving the right candidate profile? There could be plenty of reasons, but Job Descriptions are the first thing your candidates experience. As the famous saying goes, First Impression Is the Last Impression; you need to make sure that your job description reflects your company culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, […]

Avoid These Pitfalls To Implement Efficient Cloud Journey

An efficient cloud operating structure is built on the overall organization’s technology capability. Some enterprises have implemented cloud infrastructure and made substantial investments. At the same time, others are still in the initial phase of their cloud technology journey.  When you rush to cloud adoptions, you should be very cautious to avoid some pitfalls. Most […]

Multiple Clouds Strategy is The Future of Cloud Solutions

Innovation in cloud technology is not confined to one or a few cloud service providers. Some enterprises work on this principle, and therefore they believe in having multiple clouds strategy. Hybrid and multiple cloud usage are growing at rocket speed. There are plenty of reasons to have Multiple clouds strategy. Utilize the capabilities of each […]

Be The Sponsor for Your Teammates’ Hard work.

The workplace is nothing but a second home. Everything that happens at the workplace impacts the personal as well as professional lives of the individuals. A team leader/manager holds the responsibility of managing the team. Keeping your team members motivated all the time, and happy at the workplace is not an easy task. However, some […]

Let’s Witness The Rise of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

“As per Gartner’s report, 75% of enterprises will have a hybrid or multi-cloud model by 2020.”  One thing we all agree is that cloud has become a necessity for enterprises across the industries. Business agility and flexibility are two necessary weapons to fight against the current situation. Cloud technology is driving the incredible transformation enabling enterprises […]

Cloud Monitoring Spend Is Worth Spending

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the technology industry across the globe. Enterprises need to be very cautious while migrating their workloads to the cloud because of its multitude of features. Among several significant aspects of cloud technology, cloud monitoring is one of the less-discussed aspects. Most enterprises spend their time and money on the cloud migration […]

5 Ways To Keep Cloud Cost Under Control

Cloud Technology is all about convenience, security, speed, agility, and, most importantly, Cost Savings. Cloud Cost overspend is the harsh reality of this growing technology. Enterprises have started experiencing the heat of cloud costs. Cloud technology is supposed to reduce the overall IT infrastructure cost. On the contrary to this, many enterprises complained to have […]

Digital Transformation Is Changing Employee Expectations

Digital Transformation is a buzzword among enterprises. It has become an integral part of growing enterprises. Has any organization ever thought about the expectations and experiences of the employees? For employees, digital transformation is more than a buzzword.  Employees welcome the digitalization in their companies and adopt the changes in their workflow. However, in the […]

Here are 3 Latest Cloud Technology Trends In 2020

Cloud technology is expected to dominate the technology world as it will become the platform for other essential innovative technologies such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain. Cloud technology has traveled a long journey from a cost-saving tool to one of the most significant trends in the last few years. Today you cannot imagine digital transformation […]

Why investing in public cloud certification is significant?

The demand for cloud services is growing at a rapid pace. The current pandemic situation has fast-tracked its adoption among enterprises due to the growth of remote working professionals. However, the reality is alarming; 90% of IT decision-makers report the shortage of cloud professionals.  The cloud requirement is getting more complex; thus, enterprises need to look for […]

Stay Interviews Can Help You Reduce Exit Interviews

The current labor market seems volatile, but employee retention remains one of the biggest concerns for human resource managers. In the pandemic situation, hiring volume is reduced in many organizations, but they are actively looking for the best talent in their competitors’ organizations. Are your top performers planning to ditch you? Make sure your top […]

The 6 Rs Strategy of Cloud Migration

There are plenty of reasons to move to the cloud, expanding into new markets, boosting the performance, revamping applications, or only saving the cost by ending on-premises infrastructure. Cloud migration becomes easy when you are connected with the right partner and chose the right strategy. There are six fundamental strategies for cloud migration. In other […]

Why is this the Best Time to Find the Best Talent?

The COVID-19 has reshaped enterprises, societies, and national economies in unthinkable ways. The business leaders need to strategize to move beyond the survival, towards the opportunities. Among the opportunities, finding the best talent is the opportunity for enterprises having the vision to turn problems into opportunities.  We heard news many enterprises are reducing their workforce […]

Cloud Technology Is Not An Option; It Is The Necessity

“Cloud technology has become a basic need for growing enterprises.” We all would have read about ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.’ It is a pyramid shape hierarchy that explains the motivation levels of human beings. At the bottom of the hierarchy, there is a basic need (food, water, shelter) that motivates people until they fulfill it. […]

How Much AWS Cloud Migration Will Cost You?

If you are beginning to migrate your legacy infrastructure to AWS cloud infrastructure, the first thing that comes to mind is how much it will cost you. Determining cloud migration cost can be a daunting task because there are several sections to evaluate, such as over-provisioning, what-if scenarios, outdated servers, and others. Plus, there are […]

Let’s Talk About Growth In This New Normal: Post COVID19 Growth Road Map

The new normal demands agility and understanding of your customer values. COVID19 has far-reaching impacts on our lives, work, and economy. Companies are struggling to understand its full impact on their business to prepare the best response. Many of them have started to invest in the emerging opportunities in the current scenario. Agility is the […]

One More Feather In Our Hat: Red Hat Partnership

Saxonlabs, a software development, cloud & Automation technology solutions provider, has achieved Red Hat Partnership Certification. Having Red Hat certification enables the Saxonlabs team to expand the software development ecosystem. With this certification, we will be helping ISVs and our customers in their next-generation software projects. As a Red Hat partner, our DevOps platform, Zscale […]

Staffing Industry is Embedding Tech-Driven Recruiting

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Industries across the globe are utilizing the advantage of technology to boost their operations and outreach to their prospective customers. When we talk about the staffing industry, tech-driven recruiting is something disrupting the entire market. Apart from having an applicant tracking system, many agencies have […]

4 Things To Stay Relevant and Save Your Job During This Crisis

The COVID 19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, especially our work. With 26 million Americans filing for unemployment within five weeks, the job security aspect is likely to come in our mind.  Here are some facts: Weekly jobless claims totaled 4.4 million last week, slightly more than expected. (Source: CNBC) The five-week total […]

How do we know we have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset at work?

Is criticism bad or an opportunity for you to improve? Does failure stop you from trying further or encourage you to do better? Does competition make you feel intimated and threatened or inspired? Your answers to these questions will determine your mindset at work. Before we start elaborating this chapter further, we should understand the […]

CIOs focus areas in the wake of the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID -19)

COVID-19 is continuously spreading across the globe, resulting in shutting down several offices across the world to stop the spread. CIOs need to take some proactive measures to combat this situation without hampering the operations. This pandemic is also causing economic danger to the entire world. In the latest event, the trillions of dollars wiped from financial […]

Is Your Company Paying Attention To Candidate Experience?

There is no wonder that in this hypercompetitive labor market, 60% of recruitment leaders are planning to invest more in Candidate Experience. What is the candidate experience? A candidate wants to be treated affectionally throughout the interview and joining process. Candidate experience is all about how a job seeker perceives and reacts to the hiring […]

How To Tackle The Talent Acquisition Challenge in 2020?

Isn’t finding the right talent is the biggest constraint for your business growth? The current labor market is grappling with the talent shortage problem.  The unemployment rate in the U.S. dropped to its lowest point in the last 50 years. Employers are pouring more and more jobs in the market but finding trouble in hiring […]

Artificial Intelligence Is REAL: CIO Breakfast Series First Episode

We have started a series of CIOs Breakfast Tech Event, where we bring in technology leaders from DFW. The first episode of this series was focused on “ Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Mining, and Machine Learning. The discussion was led by Sriram Ganapathy, Director AI, Microsoft. We had tech leaders from different industries in our event.   Have you […]

Saxon Labs Achieves Bronze Partner Accreditation

Dallas, Irving Nov, 8, 2019,   Saxon Labs, a software development, cloud & Automation technology solutions provider, has joined the Automation Anywhere Alliance program to help customers augment their business processes and accelerate digital transformation. This alliance is focused on fostering the automation solutions across the country with Saxon Labs Technology Services. Enterprises are adopting automation […]

Saxon Global Is Honored With prestigious Dallas 100 fastest-growing companies Award Second Time In a Row.

Saxon Global is awarded with the prestigious Dallas 100 fastest-growing companies award. We are honored to be recognized among the top innovative businesses operating in Irving, Dallas. Being ranked among the fastest-growing companies is a responsibility that we have been carrying out continuously. The biggest challenge was to maintain the consistency of delivering superior customer […]

Saxon Global Expands in US Market with CLICK IT Merger

Irving, Texas, Release: September 18, 2019. Saxon Global, LLC is pleased to announce the completion of the merger of CLICK IT, Saxon acquired a Kentucky headquartered premier staffing agency in March 2018. As we welcome the CLICK IT into the Saxon Global, we believe that their expertise in the staffing industry will significantly contribute toward […]

What Factors Do You Need to Consider While Connecting an MSP?

As per BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), in May 2017 report, 3.8 percent of workers were contingent. There is no doubt that this number is going to increase in the upcoming years. Are you planning to hire contingent labor? Managing contingent workforce is a challenging task, therefore, it is always suggested to connect with an […]

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