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Digital Transformation

Doing Digital Right: Transformation without chaos

Are you already on the Cloud journey? Have you spent the best of your COVID time for planning Digital transformation? But, the invisible forces of the system may slow your progress and break you. 

Let us examine these invisible forces. 

  1. Talent – the key to any digital transformation is the availability of expertise in the organization. Talent acquisition in this space is like chasing a moving target, which changes form and shapes quickly. 
  2. Parallel Communication lines – Successful Digitization needs a common language and unified line of communication between the business and tech teams. More often than not, the tech teams’ lexicon leaves business teams alienated, which only creates a rift that is hard to be bridged.
  3. Organizational culture – Organizations with rigid command-and-control leadership, can put breaks on the digital journey. The bureaucracy could further derail the timelines, choices of technology, and talent to succeed.
  4. Abusing the term Digital transformation – Employees get stressed out by constant usage of the term digital transformation, which takes away the enthusiasm and rigor required for real digital projects. 

The key here is to avoid romanticizing the digital transformation and chant the mantra of Simplification and Standardization

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