Digital Transformation Expectations vs. Reality

Staying competitive is more critical than ever in this current market scenario. CIOs and CTOs have acknowledged the significance of digital transformation in business survival and success. Unquestionably, we need digital transformation, but we need a well-managed one, not the temporary one to manage some necessities for short period. Being CIOs means you are the […]

The Journey Towards Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation redefines the business by realigning the existing customer experiences, business processes, system topologies, and technologies to cater to the dynamic business and market needs. Moreover, simultaneously each process of the Digital transformation journey should add value to every customer interaction.  Each industry and domain have unique business processes that need transformation to deal […]

Did Pandemic Boost the Health Care Industry Digital Transformation Journey?

The Healthcare industry is the one that stood firm against the fight of the pandemic. The fight is continued because the post-pandemic era requires a lot of improvements.  During the pandemic, health care providers focused on Digital Technology Tools to expedite their operations and keep the costs low. This will continue after the pandemic.  There […]

Cyber Security Remains One of The Biggest Concerns

Digitalization is turning out to be one of the most critical factors in the success of enterprises. While digital transformation is on the chart of every enterprise, but they miss the security aspect. When you digitalize all your processes, make sure you put a robust cybersecurity mechanism in place.  Amidst the cloud technology adoption, cyberspace […]

What is your digital quotient?

Few organizations are converting the challenges into opportunities by tapping into the digital transformation. Digital transformation is the savior for several organizations across all industries (Food, Insurance, Hospital, Retail, Healthcare) during this global pandemic. According to the KPMG report ” CEO Outlook 2020: COVID-19 “, 80% of the CEOs of the world’s largest organizations have seen their […]

Are your Job Descriptions Scaring away the right candidates?

What could be the reason behind not receiving the right candidate profile? There could be plenty of reasons, but Job Descriptions are the first thing your candidates experience. As the famous saying goes, First Impression Is the Last Impression; you need to make sure that your job description reflects your company culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, […]

Avoid These Pitfalls To Implement Efficient Cloud Journey

An efficient cloud operating structure is built on the overall organization’s technology capability. Some enterprises have implemented cloud infrastructure and made substantial investments. At the same time, others are still in the initial phase of their cloud technology journey.  When you rush to cloud adoptions, you should be very cautious to avoid some pitfalls. Most […]

Multiple Clouds Strategy is The Future of Cloud Solutions

Innovation in cloud technology is not confined to one or a few cloud service providers. Some enterprises work on this principle, and therefore they believe in having multiple clouds strategy. Hybrid and multiple cloud usage are growing at rocket speed. There are plenty of reasons to have Multiple clouds strategy. Utilize the capabilities of each […]

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