Migration Starts With Confidence.

With Experienced AWS certified Architects/Specialists and following industry-standard practices, we are confident to migrate your legacy infrastructure with zero downtime and minimal interruptions. We are partnered with AWS having cloud architects with migration competency.

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How Migration Will Start?.

Once the cloud migration readiness assessment is done, based on the score, we will start migrating the workloads. With the help of plenty of tools and best practices of AWS, we ensure that there is zero/minimal downtime during the process of migration.

Data center to Cloud

Server Migration

Database Migration

Platform Migration

Storage Migration

Application Migration

Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

How much is your business ready for cloud migration? What are the potential blockers of your migration? Cloud migration is a transformative phase for any business, but initially, it takes various phases to ensure a smooth migration process. Our Migration Readiness Assessment will help you in making decisions and budgetary considerations before the actual migration process.


During the assessment phase, we will help you understand various challenges related to the migration with the help of AWS tools. Our readiness assessment will give you an idea of how much your business is ready for cloud migration, where the challenges are, and how we can overcome them.

Put The Resources In Action

Our cloud architects will prepare a detailed plan to help resolve any challenges coming to the migration process. We will identify any blockers or skill gaps or knowledge gaps that need to be considered and solved before or after migration.

Begin The Migration

This is the stage where actual migration will start by the cloud architects, ensuring that all applications and workloads are transferred to the cloud. Once all workloads are transferred to the cloud, we will start optimizing the AWS environment regarding performance and spend.

Our Cloud Migration and Deployment Includes.

  • Evaluation report of Migration readiness
  • Pictorial representation of Migration roadmap along with timelines
  • Seamless Migration plan with Rapid discovery & Analysis
  • Comprehensive pathway to Cloud migration
  • An action plan, Tracking mechanism of Server Migration, Database Migration, Data Migration, Application migration
  • Tool based reports of Assessment, Mobilization, Migration, and Optimization
  • Recommendations wrt Security, Performance/Storage optimization and Cost savings (Pertaining to Infrastructure/Hardware/Software/Man power/3rd party tools, etc.)
  • Cost comparison metrics of Datacenter solutions Vs.Cloud solutions along with the cost-benefit analysis
  • Recommendations on reduced licensing costs
  • Recommendations on the reduction of failure rate wrt Availability/ Scalability/ Durability/ Productivity/ Recoverability etc
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