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As companies increasingly compete for customers’ attention, raising the cost of acquisition and increasing retention difficulty, the strategic challenge of understanding and managing customer relationships has become more complex and more critical. This necessitates for Companies to have a more complete, intimate understanding of their customers to get them, grow them, and keep them.

To derive strategic value from analytics, it is important that enterprises innovate by: (1) moving from general-purpose to specialized analytics uniquely optimized to address specific business issues; and (2) eliminating organizational silos to coordinate data sharing and analytics across functional boundaries.


Achieving these two objectives is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming through ad hoc efforts. It depends on a strategic partner who can provide data governance and infrastructure to support agile integration of data from multiple sources, organizing around data as if it were a valuable organizational asset.

Supply chain analytics

Saxon helps enterprises move toward analytics specialization by creating opportunities through our diverse portfolio of customer analytics initiatives spanning acquisition, retention, and expansion to optimize customer lifetime value and equity.

Our solutions have helped customers to achieve:

  • Increase sales to new and existing customers 
  • Reduce customer churn and increase loyalty  
  • Improve the channel mix to lower cost to serve
  • Increase sales force effectiveness by targeting qualified prospects 
  • Deliver higher returns on marketing and promotions investments 

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