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different specialists

We are intent listeners and work closely to understand the mission of your projects, the culture of your team members, and your requirements for the future hires. Our recruitment team is divided and aligned to take on consistent niche skill sets. This increases their ability to technically vet potential hires for your organization.

DevOps (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)

The tools and techniques that are utilized for DevOps environments are changing quickly. Whether your team is shipping code every few hours or just starting to automate builds in TFS, we understand that DevOps leadership is going to be an important part of your bench talent.

Application Development (JavaScript, .Net, Java)

After years of putting candidates through interview processes and gather feedback from hiring authorities, our team has built a capability to interview software engineers with confidence. How can the word “this” be tricky when writing JavaScript? We are not 100% sure, but we know it’s a great question to be ask developers when chatting about their skills. We have built an array of questions that fall in line with the technologies you are requesting.

Big Data (Kafka, Storm, Spark, Hadoop)

Is it time to set up data pipelines, data lakes, and real time data? The market has provided the tools to have quicker access to the analytics your organization needed. As you build streaming or batch processing systems, we strive to understand these frameworks and evaluate the projects our candidates completed with them.

ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS)

The price tag for original implementation and upgrades for ERP systems is daunting. We offer a way to find qualified consultants that can lead and execute tough projects in a more efficient matter that integrators and consultant management firms.

CRM (Salesforce, Marketo)

Sales and marketing enablement tools are the heartbeat of an organization. In a candidate market that can be polluted with non-sincere experience, we work hard to find talent that can truly deliver on your critical CRM systems. Identifying and reference checking top resources that can customize your SFDC and Marketo licenses is a specialty for our team.

Functional Leadership (Product Owners, Scrum Masters)

Which is better for our organization: Nexus, LeSS or SAFe? Are we performing our Scrum of Scrums at the right time? Do we write our user stories correctly? We know a lot has changed since the days of PMOs. Our team spends hours each month at conferences to hear about Agile best practices and identify talent.

Testing (SDET, UAT, Manual Testing)

Our clients have come to us to hire engineers that will break their other engineers’ work. Sound familiar? In the world of continuous deployment, you need to have smart SDETs on staff that write code as clever as the team is building your product. We understand how to recognize and evaluate these engineers.

Cloud Enablement (AWS, Google, Azure)

Is time to retire the “on prem”? We are hearing from our customers that the financial benefit and efficiency are becoming so evident that they are compelled to ditch traditional infrastructure. Identifying cloud engineers that understand not just how to start projects, but also understand the risk of the migration is within our capabilities.

Security (Application Security, Network, Compliance)

Security Automation is an increasing demand that follows suite with your need to ship code consistently. We are able to identify Application Security resources that not only understand how to protect your organization at the application level but also work efficiently within a DevOps environment.