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Insight Box

Bringing Data to Life

InsightBox comes with extensive list of embedded PowerBI dashboards and reports and enables you to gain and deliver value by exploring data and unlock business insights.

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Bringing Data to Life

Take The Guesswork Out From Your Decision-Making Process

Let’s take a step towards becoming an insight-driven organization. Our PowerBI dashboard enables everyone in your organization to access concise and insightful reports. Explore the Power of Data with Insightbox.

Insightbox for Edge

for Edge

Offers out-of-the-box ready-to-use dashboard templates from data coming out of the industry-standard data sources.

Insightbox for Engage

for Engage

Has pre-built AI/ML models to work with your dataset to predict business outcomes and influence your decision parameters.

Insightbox for Enchant

for Enchant

Conversation chatbot with data storytelling built for business users, making data and analysis accessible for anyone to understand and communicate.

Creating Reports had never been so easy!

Create visually appealing and insightful reports the way you want in three simple steps:

Power BI dashboard

Step 1: Install the InsightBox extension and enable the Power BI dashboard.

Step 2: Select the report components that you want in the report.

Step 3: Click on the InsightBox icon to create your report instantly in your preferred format.

See Retail Analytics in Action

Unleash analytics on rich data to turn customer insights into retail excellence to maintain a competitive edge. Empower everyone in your organization with visibility and insight into your data.


With InsightBox, you can:

Achieve higher conversion rates and bigger basket sizes
Ensure efficient supply chains and faster fulfillment
Drive improved customer service and store performance

Industry Specific Reports

InsightBox is the perfect tool for Industry Specific reports including:

Business Function based Analytics

InsightBox enables you to get actionable insights and helps you make the right decisions by offering a wide variety of analytics reports including:

Why InsightBox?

Freedom from legacy reporting tools
Effective and Efficient reporting
Create customized reports the way you want.
Data export to all formats, be it Excel, Word, PDF, PPT, CSV, HTML, JSON, etc.
Visually appealing reports with Headers, Footers, Page Nos, Images, Tables etc.
Easy sharing of reports by email or network drive
Plug and Play – Minimal configuration and support
User and Printer Friendly
Significant cost, resource, and time savings as against legacy apps
Holistic view of your business KPIs
Can be deployed on Cloud as well as On Prem based on your requirements

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