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The knowledge, skills and abilities required include the following - Knowledge: Gas Laboratory analytical procedures. Industry standards and regulations relating to gas measurement and liquid hydrocarbon measurement. Gas regulating and measurement equipment. Government regulations relating to gas measurement. Marketing, sales and advertising principles and practices. Knowledge of gas laboratory regulations and associated policies. Skills: Personal computer experience and Microsoft Office Suite skills are required. Relating interpersonally. Communicating with customers. Ability to see objects at close range and to determine the distance and relationship between objects. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Lab computer software is proprietary; training will be provided. Knowledge of Gas Chromatography preferred.


Assist the Supervisor of Analytical Services and provide technical support. Coordinate analytical staff and technical operations. Provide technical and safety coordination including presentation of safety meeting information. Review and maintain quality control/assurance data programs and procedures. Review accuracy of technicians' readings. Manage and maintain department databases. Assist customers with analytical and technical problems. Perform gas and liquid hydrocarbon analysis and wet laboratory services including RVP & H2O analysis as required. Promote customer relations by providing quality analytical services. Market analytical and measurement services. Assist with manpower scheduling, travel duties and off days for technicians. Train technicians in analytical procedures. Perform other duties as assigned.

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Work Experience commensurate with the preferred billing rate.

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