• Consulting
  • Dallas
  • Close: 2019-07-15
Job Description:
  • Provide Quality Support to Warehouse Operations – Have sufficient familiarity with warehouse operations to work with multi-function teams and conduct thorough inspections of each work station in the warehouse. Identify and report equipment improperly used or installed.  Track the situation until corrective action is complete. Ensure operators have the necessary training/competence to perform the tasks they are working. Verify operators understand their process and can locate, explain and demonstrate use of applicable documentation. Conduct 6S inspections and aisle audits, focusing on identified problem areas. Document results as corrective actions as needed. Maintain data on results. Lead the managers in data analysis and metrics to identify root causes of complex problems. Work with the teams to develop and implement corrective action.  Follow up to ensure the action taken was effective.
  • Requirements:

    Required: High school diploma or equivalent

    Bachelor's degree in aviation preferred 

    strong familiarity with aircraft parts and processes 

    ability to stand over 80% of shift 

    3- 5 years’ experience in quality assurance department in Aerospace  preferably as senior level inspector 

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