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Customer Service Rep

As a healthcare Customer Service Representative, you will be responsible for successfully managing large amounts of inbound and outbound calls.  This will include following communication scripts, handling different topics, and acting as a liaison between our company and its customers.  In addition, you will be responsible for evaluating all documents to ensure that appropriate information has been obtained for billing purposes.

  • Handling patients, referral sources, and administrative department inquiries
  • Communicating with insurance companies and/or prior authorization requests
  • Entering patient information into a customer information system
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and assisting them with issues/concerns related to their health
  • Serving as a backup when other employees are out due to absent staff members
  • Making decisions as needed off-hours or without supervision to ensure an uninterrupted supply of product to customers
  • Developing the knowledge of customer needs and trends to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Becoming educated in qualifications of multiple insurances to ensure clean order intake


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