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§ 5+ years’ hands on experience in an information security role with a cybersecurity focus § Experience with Splunk technologies, packet analysis, security analytics & identity management systems § Excellent organization and time management skills § Must be highly motivated and able to work effectively under minimal supervision in a fast-paced environment § Must be team-oriented, placing priority on quality and the successful completion of team goals § An understanding of TCP/IP, common network protocols, and applications § An understanding of operating systems: Microsoft Windows and Linux § An understanding of security operations tools such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, vulnerability scanning and malware prevention § An understanding of network tools such as routers and switches § Ability to perform during high pressure or stressful situations


This position supports cyber security operations at Dominion. Responsibilities include: § Develop, implement and document configuration standards, policies, and procedures for operating, managing and ensuring the security of the Splunk infrastructure § Perform regular patching & maintenance for the Splunk infrastructure. § Design and customize complex search queries and promote advance searching, forensics, and analytics. § Develop dashboards, data models, reports and optimize performance § Perform data integration, data transformation, field extraction, event parsing, data preview, and application management of Splunk. § Work closely with other infrastructure support team to diagnose and troubleshoot issues. § Escalate and brief management with precise information about system availability, performance & readiness § Participate in all aspects of Information Security Operations including an on-call rotation § Perform other duties as assigned by Management

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