Responsible for regularly managing projects with team level integration points. Manages the activity of multiple vendors. Responsible for meeting Enterprise PMO strategic goals. Supports continuous improvement.


1. Responsible for tracking key project milestones and adjusting project plans and/or resources to meet the project needs.

2. Monitors plan and highlights anticipated issues or slippage.

3. Formulates recovery plans or assessing impact if not recoverable and escalates as appropriate.

4. Records and monitors project actual costs vs. project budget.

5. Responsible for proactively identifying variances to plan and developing appropriate mitigation plans.

6. Formulates corrective actions when project deliverables deviate from the work plan with the assistance of team members.

7. Understands how project decisions impact key business metrics and the enterprise strategy.

8. Builds consensus among team relative to project scope, task execution, staffing and issue resolution.

9. Provides clear and reliable communications to internal teams, project stakeholders, external vendors, and customers.

10. Uses multiple media formats.

11. Effectively conveys information and ideas.

12. Provides input to decisions through effective communication methods.

13. Holds self accountable for meeting expectations and requirements of customers.

14. Shows ability to learn new tools and processes.

15. Evaluates new or changed tools and processes to fit within the projects managed.

16. Shows flexibility in changing approach when needed.

17. Creates integrated project plans.

18. Reviews project proposals.

19. Integrates timeframes and processes for completing projects.

20. Escalates when appropriate.

21. Ensures the quality and integrity of project work products.

22. Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.

23. Leads change management.

24. Motivates team by explaining priorities and objectives.

25. Engages in effective brainstorming and brings creative ideas to the workplace.

26. Has good judgment regarding which creative ideas and suggestions can improve our business and implements identified solutions.

27. Adheres to and analyzes project/program policies processes, standards, governance, and metrics.

28. Determines the best approach for the projects being managed.

29. Makes recommendations for improving efficiency, product delivery and expense reduction in projects.

30. Defines and understands the objectives and the scope of the project.


7 to 10 years of IT work experience, including 7 or more years managing projects. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Project Management certification or successful completion of a recognized project management curriculum is desired.


1. Utilizes the information in Clarity/Open Workbench as part of a tool kit that communicates status based on the needs of the project.

2. Able to use the Clarity/Open Workbench tool to determine how the intersection of multiple projects impact the critical path, baseline, resource constraints, costs and budget of the team.

3. Able to model different mitigation plans in the Clarity/Open Workbench tool and make and recommendations.

4. Able to extract the information from the Clarity/Open Workbench tool to analyze intersecting projects and team level allocations.

5. Understands when to use MS Project data to supplement the Clarity data.

6. Prepares a complex schedule within MS Project and manages timelines within tool.

7. Able to use communication features such as Timeline, Gantt charts, etc for stakeholder updates when needed.

8. Can use Outlook to schedule meetings with internal and external resources in multiple locations.

9. When needed, utilizes the information in MS Excel as part of a tool kit that communicates project level information based on the needs of the project.

10. Within MS Excel works with multiple worksheets, filters data, functions, pivot tables.

11. Able to create presentations in MS PowerPoint to present complex ideas in a way that is easily understood by the team.

12. Able to create documents in MS Word to present complex ideas in a way that is easily understood by the team.

13. Able to create diagrams in MS Visio to present complex ideas in a way that is easily understood by the team.

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