Position: Senior Software Engineer -

Local Candidates Only

Location: 9800 Hillwood Pkwy #304 Fort Worth, TX 76177

Local Candidate- Face to Face Interview


Position Responsibilities            

Responsible to lead development of features for Train control system following good OOPS concepts and stringent code quality/Software Security standards.

Responsible for producing design artifacts like process/activity flows, object relationship model, decision tree charts and UML diagrams.

Responsible for supporting product maintenance related activities i.e. bug fixes, defect triaging, feature development, validation and training.

Demonstrate strong skills in OOP programming, design patterns, data modeling and database design.

Responsible for making sure the team follows coding standards and design standards.

Responsible for mentoring other software engineers and hold design reviews and code reviews.

Responsible to make sure the team follows the schedule and communicate status plus concerns.


Strong 10+ years’ experience in application development on .Net framework in C#, VB and Sql Server. Solid desktop application development, web/Windows services (SOA) experience and good understanding of Microsoft platform.

Good to have knowledge of configuring and interfacing with enterprise level messaging platforms like RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, QPid, MSMQ, etc.

Good to have knowledge of algorithms related to graph theory and experience with graph database like TinkerGraph, Giraffe, Neo4j, etc.

Good to have knowledge of domain modelling and entity modelling.

Have understanding of general network design principles including TCP/IP and UDP.

High degree of attention to detail.

Strong debug and troubleshooting skills.

Team player and works well with others.

Effective oral and written communication skills; ability to articulate clearly and concisely.

Self motivated, quick learner, results-oriented and a clear focus on quality.

Ability to develop high level of credibility and strong positive relationships with peers and management.

Good to have real time system development experience but not required.

Good to have experience with WPF graphics but not required.


Education, Experience and Knowledge Required:

B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or Computer/Electrical engineering or relevant professional experience.

The candidate needs to have 10+ years’ experience in software development and support processes for enterprise-class systems.

Experience as a Team lead or Project Lead for at least 5 years.

Experience and understanding of the database management systems used to support complex n—tiered systems.

Would be desirable but not mandatory that candidate has knowledge of railroad system operations.

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