• JN -052020-4337
  • Palm Bay Metro Area, Florida
  • 2020-05-04


Contract Specialist - Xcenda, L.L.C.


Max pay $33/HR

Business focus is strongly preferred

Experience with business contractual agreements required

Looking for candidates with training and understanding in fields such as business administration, contract/grant management, or similar vocations generally obtained through completion of a four (4) year Bachelor's Degree Program.

The position requires at least three (3) years of direct experience in a contracting environment in business and working knowledge of reading, writing and understanding the effect of contractual/legal terms and conditions. Previous legal or compliance experience is a plus; experience in healthcare industry consulting environment also preferred.

This position requires the ability to analyze, identify, and draft contractual language when sections are missing (scope, timelines, payment schedules, etc – not just copy & paste legal terms from a template). Therefore, individuals with proposal development experience will also be considered, if they also have proven experience and ability to comprehend legal terms and conditions. Attention to detail is paramount.

All education should be included/presented on the candidate resumes; none should be withheld.

General Summary:

Under general direction of the Assistant Director of Contracts at Xcenda, this role is responsible for reviewing various types of agreements, assessing risks in the agreement and advising appropriately, handling the administration and customer contact activities associated with contract execution, and processing in accordance with company policies, legal and compliance requirements, and customer specifications. This role is responsible for the accuracy and consistency of contract content through coordination and validation with internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, this role is responsible for the tracking and reporting of contract status, and for maintaining and updating systems to ensure accuracy, integrity and timeliness of data at all times.

Responsibilities include:

• Reviewing, preparing, and evaluating agreements prior to signature to ensure accuracy.

• Fielding inquiries from team leads, client managers, and project managers regarding interpretation of contract terms, contracting and compliance policies, procedures, risks, and contract status.

• Tracking data for reporting and metrics as defined and required by Supervisor, Finance, and the Leadership Team.

• Reviewing agreements for compliance with the company and Procurement policies, procedures and standards.

• Working closely with Legal, Finance and other subject matter experts to validate content and context of contract to resolve inconsistencies in a timely manner.

• Assessing and identifying the need for legal review and engaging Corporate Counsel as needed

• Working with process-related software to ensure the contracting process is complete, accurate and timely.

• Assisting with the development and maintenance of content library of commonly used contract templates, special terms and conditions, and other client-specific requirements.

• Assisting with converting proposals and bid responses to Statements of Work.

• Developing and maintaining effective relationships with Clients.

• Conducting the necessary follow-ups with Clients and Vendors to ensure we have fully executed agreements.

• Loading new contracts and all supporting documents in the repository.

• Providing the "order entry" function as it relates to executed agreements and purchase orders; involves processing and storing documents to include copying, scanning, filing and shipping.

• Providing training to new hire or existing associates on contracts-related policies and processes, as required.

Minimum Requirements

• Training and understanding in fields such as contracts, business administration, or similar vocations generally obtained through completion of a four (4) year Bachelor's Degree Program.

• At least three (3) years of experience in a contracting environment with working knowledge of reading, writing, interpreting, and understanding the effect of legal terms and conditions.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with short turnaround times.

• Excellent organizational skills.

• Impeccable attention to detail.

• Ability to evaluate risk, urgency and prioritize tasks.

• Ability to research and analyze data and apply problem-solving skills.

• Ability to demonstrate adaptability and flexibility, and handle multiple tasks.

• High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office (MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel) products as well as ability to learn new software.

• Great interpersonal skills.

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