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Go Modern with Azure

We have helped many of our clients in modernizing and transitioning from expensive, rigid, capital-intensive data warehousing applications.

We enable you to move your mission-critical data warehouse, ETL, and analytics workloads from ANY legacy source to Azure stack with ease.

Our Transformation Approach:

Backed by our team of experienced cloud engineers and industry best practices, we ensure a smooth and secure migration of your data to a more efficient environment.

  • Data Driven assessment and recommendations for optimization
  • Inventory listing and profiling of legacy DW
  • Resource estimation and capacity planning
  • Modernize
  • Automated code conversion
  • Optimization and Parallel data ingestion
  • Automated schema conversion and data migration
  • Core Business logic transformation to Azure native wrappers
  • Validate
  • Automated validation of the transformed code and migrated data using pipelines
  • Syntactical and data based validation of queries and scripts
  • Data Driven validation of transformed code
  • Execute
  • Executable package specific to the target
  • Parallel execution ensuring Optimal performance
  • Azure Data Factory driven pipelines
  • Operational Monitoring
  • 4x Faster

    4x Faster

    cost savings

    50% cost savings

    Complete Visibility

    Complete Visibility

    Minimum Risk

    Minimum Risk and Maximum RoI

    Cloud Migration Strategy powered by Machine Learning:

    We help our clients to accelerate their journey to the Azure data platform by leveraging smart tools and best processes. Our approach enables you to seamlessly tackle application and workload migrations with ease.

    Azure transformation

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