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Saxon Global and Yellowbrick Partnership



Saxon Global joins the partner program of Yellowbrick, a leading hybrid cloud data warehouse organization. With this partnership, we will strengthen our cloud data warehouse solutions for our clients. Our data warehouse solutions are designed to provide end-to-end solutions, improves business decisions, and help companies to overcome the market competition.

Enterprises looking for real-time data analytics, support for large hybrid data warehouses will benefit from this partnership.

We are evolving to meet the ever-changing cloud dynamics in the market. Our capabilities have become more powerful to help our clients seize the market opportunities and stay highly competitive.

Data Analysis

Real-time analytics

Data lake analytics

Data warehouse modernization

Analytics across distributed data clouds

Lower cloud cost

Unlock The Hybrid Cloud Innovation

Let Saxon Global helps you start your cloud journey the way you want. Unlike the traditional data warehouse options, with our partnership, you get the freedom to deploy in your cloud structure the way you want. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should contact us now.

  • Data silos
  • Complex data management and data migration
  • Slow cloud data performance
  • Lacking real-time data analytics support
  • High or unpredictable cloud cost
  • Managing hybrid cloud structure
Data mining

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