Data-driven Supply Chain and Packaging Solutions in the “New Normal”
Data-driven Supply Chain and Packaging Solutions

Data-driven Supply Chain and Packaging Solutions in the “New Normal”

The supply shock that started with Covid-19 not only created a demand shock with multiple lockdowns across countries, but also exposed vulnerabilities in production strategies and supply chain for many enterprises. Product shortages, capacity constraints, and global supplier networks triggered continuous disruption in the supply chain across industries. The gradual re-opening and further lockdowns did not ease the situation, but the disruption became idiosyncratic. Around 72% of the companies reported a negative effect on their supply chains post the pandemic, as per EY supply chain research. The weaknesses exposed by the pandemic are not new, a few industries are in the path of ‘doing digital’. What next? ‘Doing digital’ is just an outline but ‘Being digital’ is the need of the hour. Connected digitized smart supply chains are the ‘New Normal’ for global industries to face such inconsistent but continuous challenges. Covid-19 maybe just one, but many may follow

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