Saxon Global is a data and analytics company that helps organizations become more insights-driven, solve business challenges and accelerate growth through industry-specific solutions. We help customers gain a competitive advantage by having access to actionable information to make real-time decision-making. Our portfolio of solutions and services is strategically designed to accelerate your go-to-market plans, use data insights to create personalized products and services, achieve business compliance, identify business risks beforehand for action, and improve business profitability.
Saxon Global has worked with a single-minded devotion towards data engineering and analytics for the last two decades with a commitment to help enterprises use data as a critical weapon. We unify the technology and business stakeholders of data for developing business insights that translate into business outcomes. As a key solution partner to leading data engineering technology platforms, we are well equipped to support any data needs enterprises in multiple industries, thereby advancing their digital transformation journey.

Saxon Global Team

Madelyn Torff

Marketing Head

Tiana Gouse

Project Manager

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