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After decades of false starts, artificial intelligence is on the verge of a breakthrough, with the latest progress propelled by machine learning.

Saxon’s AI applications ensure a significant opportunity for the business to improve, gain efficiency, and define new business models by utilizing AI’s power.

Saxon helps organizations from diverse industries to transform their business processes to intelligent autonomous operations by delivering machine learning services and consultation from cloud to edge. Our team helps build, train, validate, optimize, deploy, and test machine learning models using the latest tools and technologies.


Our AI experts have experience working on all data types ranging from text, numbers, audio, video to images using various frameworks, data analysis, and visualization tools. We enable organizations to build optimized machine learning models based on end-user applications like patient health monitoring, disease diagnosis, anomaly detection for production lines, face and voice recognition, preventive/predictive maintenance. We help organizations build highly customized solutions based on supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised learning, improving a pre-trained model’s accuracy or port it to other platforms with different capabilities.

Our Services include:

  • Data Modeling using frameworks like TensorFlow, Python, C++, Java 
  • Predictive Analytics on structured and unstructured data 
  • Image Processing 
  • Data Mining 
  • Natural Language Processing

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