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Analytics Modernization


Data operations are now the modern enterprise’s beating heart, but much of value is lost as data ages. Organizations want relevant and timely data to fuel their robust analytics initiatives.

The Challenge?

Rigid, slow, expensive legacy infrastructure, and siloed data, time-consuming manual processes, and stale data, to name a few. Across industries, organizations face an even bigger challenge: providing data access (i.e., mobilizing data) 24/7 for internal and external stakeholders, while staying compliant with the new GDPR and CCPA regulations.
Data Extraction

Our Solution:

With a unified, governed data cloud architecture, organizations can better serve their customers by modernizing their data management, enabling self-service, and increasing operational efficiency, so they can rapidly innovate, adapt, and transform as their business evolves.

We also help customers unleash the power of the new data economy by enabling a completely new way for organizations to share and monetize their data in business real-time with customers and trade partners. All the while ensuring this data sharing is governed, secured, and discoverable.

Key Benefits: 

Experience high-performance transfer of databases, cloud applications, data warehouses, and files securely–at scale. 

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