Smart DevOps Services.

Accelerate your digital transformation with our DevOps services that ensure the scalability and security of infrastructures in companies of all sizes.

Hire a DevOps Engineer.

Our DevOps engineer is a talented engineer or developer who possesses both great depths of knowledge and a wealth of hands-on experience in development, deployment, and network operations.

Our DevOps engineers see their technical environments from a holistic point of view. Our DevOps engineer doubles as a business analyst and a comprehensive technical expert. This specialist has studied the business meticulously and can picture how any given issue could potentially affect your business.

Offerings & Solutions.

DevOps Audit & Discovery

Assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and tool stack and quantify your maturity model

Develop roadmap and blueprint of the Desired State

Define the success metrics

DevOps Proof of Concept

Create a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the standard DevOps setup capabilities

Leverage your existing investments in technology

Align with our recommended technology stack

Managed Services

Our Digital workshopHire, train, develop and manage people skills, culture, processes, tools, etc.

DevOps end-to-end Implementation

Analyze, architect, build, automate and implement according to the needs identified for each project

Learn More Before Start

You hear a lot about DevOps, but you are unsure of what it can do for you. Perhaps you are stressed out with your current managed service provider or consultant, or maybe you just want an expert industry opinion on your current situation. Whatever your situation may be, let’s connect.

Why Saxon?.

Transform your Applications

Transform Your Applications Whether you need help to develop specific components of your application or a complete overhaul, we can help you get up and running fast with our On-Demand top-notch Application Delivery Process that you will love.

Start a New Project

Are you preparing to work on an innovative idea or solution? Let us do it together. We love providing our clients the right start, which can set them up for success. Rework of application and culture is expensive, so let us work with you.

Embrace Cloud technologies

Are you ready to let go off the capital intensive on-prem infrastructure? Or are you unhappy with the current cloud provider? Or You intend to diversify risk and take benefit from multiple cloud service providers? Our customers have chosen us for all the above.

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