CX Transformation

Delivering “Personalization at a scale” and breaking the conventional wisdom of commoditizing experience.

Between rising customer expectations and unpredictable moves by digital attackers, enterprises are under intense pressure to deliver customer delight. The sales, marketing and service departments will have to overhaul the existing models for gaining competitive advantage.

The Saxon team provides a comprehensive tool set of strategic and process consulting expertise to develop a single view of the customer view across the enterprise. The unified approach packed with rich customer insights helps enterprises develop new revenue streams and offer frictionless multi-channel experience.

Offerings & Solutions

Customer Journey Engineering

Designing a compelling customer experience is never a one-time effort. We integrate strategy, custom technology, and design services to help you create and deliver transformative digital services for exceptional customer experiences.

AI for Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence triggers many new and exciting opportunities to design, create, and deliver the experiences that your customers actually want. From voice-of-the-customer (VOC) analytics to conversational self-service apps, we can design, build, implement, and support innovative customer engagement solutions.

We build together

Not only do we develop and use our proprietary technology, but we can also create custom solutions for your business too. We build innovative software products and transformative digital services, and mobile applications that connect, engage and amaze your customers. Our expertise is across major mobile platforms and full-stack technologies for web development.

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