Data Engineering

In the modern enterprise, data is everywhere, and everybody is a decision maker. If data is the heartbeat of the enterprise, then data engineering is the activity that ensures current, accurate, and high-quality data is flowing to the solutions that depend on it.

By creating a single place for all types of data and all types of data workloads, we can dramatically simplify your infrastructure, without incurring the costs inherent in traditional architectures.

With our data pipeline solution, you can experience:

Scalable performance

We provide the ability to ingest and transform data without impacting performance or experiencing resource contention. For example, you should be able to ramp up data integration workloads without affecting the performance of analytical workloads in the data warehouse or data lake.

Extensible but based on standards

You can choose from a variety of languages and tools. For example, some may use Structured Query Language (SQL) but also want to enable extensibility with Java, Python, and other languages and tools.

Batch and streaming data

We support a range of data ingestion and integration options, including batch data loading and replication, as well as streaming ingestion and integration.

How can we help your organization?

  • Developing complete end-to-end Modern Data Pipelines
  • Multi-source Data Integration
  • Data Cleansing & De-duping
  • Developing Data Models
  • Data transformation & analytics
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