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Data Integrations​


The first step in creating value from data and analytics is accessing all the information that is relevant to a given problem. This may involve generating the data, accessing it from new sources, breaking silos within an organization to link existing data, or all of the above. 

Combining and integrating large stores of data from all of these varied sources has incredible potential to yield insights, but many organizations have struggled with creating the right structure for that synthesis to take place.

Massive data integration has significant potential for enterprises. It can enable better cross-selling, the development of personalized products, dynamic pricing, better risk assessment, and more effective marketing—and it can help firms achieve more competitive cost structures than many incumbent institutions.

Data Analysis

Our practice combines Saxon’s breadth and depth of experience in information management with industry-leading software in the areas of data integration, data quality, and master data management (MDM). Saxon brings deep experience with Data Engineering products as a result of our extensive client engagements.

In addition to our focused consulting practice for information management, Saxon also brings a business strategy perspective and a broad range of related experience, including thousands of deployments of enterprise business applications and cloud solutions. 

This broader business context enables us to foresee potential enterprise integration issues and align your information management with implementation with your most critical business needs and opportunities.

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