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Data Lake Augmentation


It would be an understatement to say that the data lake’s hype is confusing the industry. As the data lake term begins to come off its hype cycle and face the pressures of pragmatic IT and business stakeholders, the demand for clear data lake definitions, use cases, and best practices continues to grow.

The modern data architecture includes Hadoop and its surrounding ecosystem, integrated alongside the data warehouse, discovery-oriented environments, and highly specialized analytic or operational data technologies. 

Therefore, the data lake has become the metaphor for transforming enterprise data management and will continue to evolve the data lake definition according to established principles, drivers, and best practices that will quickly emerge as hindsight is applied at companies.


Saxon powers the data lake concept to be the next generation, a centralized data repository that the enterprise can leverage. Saxon’s Data Lake implementation unifies Data Discovery, Data Science, and Enterprise BI, which produces a compounding effect for the enterprises.

Only with Saxon, you can experience:

  • 100% realization of value from your data
  • Optimized performance on Queries by Decision-makers 
  • Higher RoI on Data Analytics tools 
  • Flexibility and support for Hybrid and multiple cloud data warehouses 

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