Software Testing Services

It’s a revolutionary thought process, a game-changing business model, and a clear advantage that helps our customers sleep in peace as their software applications assume the highest quality with zero bugs.

Yes, Saxon provides testing as a service that combines expert consulting, test engineers, test processes, and testing tools packaged for companies across all kinds of different industries and sizes. Software Quality is at the center of everything we do here i.e., detect critical errors and bugs for software applications. But most importantly, we help people find freedom.

Offerings & Solutions

Functional Testing

Functional testing provides user perspective and helps to identify glitches that could ruin user experience ( and ultimately the success of your app)

Usability Testing

You can get a detailed analysis and recomendations on application usability rating ,heat map of product navigation and product scalability.

Security Testing

Using “Black-box” testing we reduce your risk of a breach by identifying and eliminating critical Security vulnerabilities across your off- the shelf and mobile applications

IOT & Wearables Testing

Skilled IoT testers can perform complex software updates on pre -release devices while also providing you usability feedback.

Test Automation

Test Automation improves your time to market and delivers long-term cost savings.

Efficient Test Management

An effective test management strategy is very pivotal for developing any software product.

A well planned and well-executed testing procedure ensures that the team is delivering the best product that can satisfy the customer’s requirement.

With Saxon Global

Freedom from chasing the best testing talent, freedom from finding the right testing tools, freedom from owning the hardware, and freedom from user dissatisfaction. Trusted Partner of Dev teams who take quality seriously. Fast, human-powered QA testing for agile teams that take quality personally.

  • You’re out of errors & bugs
  • You amplify your user experience
  • You pay only for what you use
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