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In the current global scenario, while most of the companies are still struggling with the pandemic effects, some companies are looking at cost-cutting, and explore new growth opportunities. If you are one of those companies, this is the perfect time to migrate your SQL Server Workloads to the cloud.

It is also a overwhelming and cumbersome task to maintain a large number of SQL Server databases, which requires significant maintenance, resources, license overheads, hardware costs whilst ensuring business continuity.

At Saxon Global, we help you accelerate your migration journey from SQL Server to your preferred cloud platform, be it Azure, AWS (EC2 and RDS), or Yellowbrick. We ensure you that your entire migration journey is safe, compliant, and cost-effective.

We have highlighted below some pain points of SQL Server and why you should move your workloads to the cloud:

Scalability Issues

SQL Server can hardly cross the scan speed of 10GB/sec and 10x times lower as compared to the cloud platforms. SQL Server management is cumbersome and not scalable for big workloads and requires costly hardware, and dividing applications into various data marts.

Poor Performance

SQL Server often lacks in performance and consumes a lot of time with reports and queries, sometimes even running into hours. SQL Server also requires constant performance tuning and other optimizations that can hamper performance.

Complicated Licensing

SQL Server licenses are costly, complex and subject to change.

Rigid expanding capacity

Expanding capacity in SQL Server is often costly, time-taking, needs downtime and affects business continuity.

Slow data ingestion

SQL Server cannot load data faster than 3GB/ sec in bulk and writes ~1m rows/second for streaming updates. Data is not immediately query-able.

Expensive backup Mechanism

It is a complicated and expensive issue to backup operations across multiple SQL Server instances.

Our Migration Approach

Our migration approach has evolved with careful planning and our vast experience in migrating mission-critical database to the cloud:


Benefits we promise:

  1. Ontime, Accurate and ad-hoc analytics for better decision making
  2. Precise reporting and better insights
  3. Lower TCO and higher ROI
  4. Seamless cloud transformation that is risk-free

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