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Teradata Migration

Seamless Conversion from Teradata to Cloud and boost performance by 10x!

We help you get rid of Teradata pain points including Expensive Pricing, Complex Features, Performance issues and Challenges in migration.

Our Transformation Approach:

Our approach is based on PostgreSQL and natively supported stored procedures, thereby dynamically reducing the migration time from Teradata.

  • Assessment and target specific recommendations
  • Inventory listing dependency analysis
  • Capacity planning and resource optimization
  • Migrate
  • Migrate different workloads, schema and data migration to GCP
  • Migrate Teradata constructs and stored procedures to cloud native formats
  • Migration of logic
  • Validate
  • Pipeline based validation
  • Data based validation
  • Execute
  • Target specific cloud native execution and orchestration
  • Optimal performance via parallel execution
  • End-to-end operatinalization
  • Cloud Ready

    Cent percent Cloud Ready


    100% Automation

    Cheaper and Faster

    Cheaper and Faster

    Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Cloud Migration Strategy

    We can help you manage your very large data sets with ease and unparalleled performance at a very miniscule pricing compared to Teradata.

    Teradata Conversion

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