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We create solutions to transform data into insights that produce better results in every aspect of your business.

The future belongs to
Insight-driven Enterprises.

Business and technology decision-makers clearly understand the importance of data and the benefits analytics can bring. Yet, they are flying blind a lot of the time, given that IT’s average time to respond to business requests around analytics.

Five Fundamental Principles

At Saxon, we have identified the five fundamental principles to help enterprises succeed:

Build a Single source of truth

We give you full control and visibility into your data as it flows from multiple data sources into a single destination helping drive better decision-making and improve business performance.

Modernize Datawarehouse

We help you derive maximum from data with a much lower total cost of ownership by using technologies that can help organizations keep up with the size and complexity of enormous data volumes.

Actionable Insights

We blend our technical skills and domain knowledge and the right technologies to transform data into information you can use in your business.

Visualize Data Story

Every data has a story, and visualization of it brings important takeaways and concepts to life. We have the art of unlocking hidden insights by using the right representations.

Forecast the Future

We bring the Crystal ball to your business to see the future for you to take action against customer churn or your supply chain or occupancy rate, product demand, or patient readmission rate.

Our Flagship Platform: Airavat

Airavat is the data management and Analytics platform powering the age of insights.

Airavat helps enterprises:

Monetize by activating new or better products or services.
Decrease IT burden by removing data silos and accelerated data engineering efforts.
Stay ahead of your industry with real-time on the ground insights.
Enable business to decide what data is needed to support decisions, both at a strategic and tactical level.
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