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May 22, 2020

Is There Fear of Returning To Work Among Employees?

You Are Ready To Return Work, But May Be Team Is Not

Maybe you are ready to return or reopen, but your team may not be. Do not you think that some of your employees may be dealing with anxiety and fear of returning to work.

Work from home is emerging as a new normal for employees, but still, we need to reopen our offices and need workforce there. Business owners are grappling with how and when to reopen their businesses. It is people who open the economies, not only the government’s orders. If employees are dealing with anxiety and fear, the organization cannot resume its services.

Undoubtedly, the government has starting loosen their social distancing restriction. However, according to the latest survey conducted by global human resources consulting firm Mercer of 735 U.S. employers, more than 45 percent said they are already struggling with workers who are reluctant to return to their workplaces because of fear of getting sick.

There is an unprecedented dilemma that business leaders are facing across the globe. One of the significant risks is asking your team to join the workplace and may expose them to the virus. Does that mean offices will be closed forever and cannot be opened? No.

“We have to evolve as we all have done many times earlier.”

Fear Is Common, and You Need To Support Your Team

If you think you can eliminate those fears, it is not possible. Instead, you need to be the leader who comes forward and supports the team.

Please encourage them to be honest to tell you what they are feeling. Listen carefully and give them crystal clear information about safety parameters that you, as a business leader implementing. Make sure there should be complete transparency. As a business leader, you should let them know what you are doing to lower your team's risk. People surrounded by a group of people they trust feel more motivated.

Let’s plan what reopening/returning to work will look like

You have to plan about reopening; you cannot merely reopen your office without having a solid plan. Work should be done but not at the risk of getting sick at the workplace.  For instance, if your team members use public conveyance to commute, no matter how solid the plan you have placed at your workplace, it would be useless. What about having third party face-to-face meetings? Your team members may help you with these questions and their alternatives.

Listen, Listen and Listen

It’s your team; you must listen to them. You need to understand their feelings, fears, and anxiety they are going through. Let them help you with some ideas to reopen. Please help them to distress. By listening to their fear and anxiety, business leaders like you will surely draft a solution.


Reopening/Returning your workplace is not that much easy, as it seems like opening a lock of your office. There is a lot that needs to be done. It is not a risk that you can manage in your balance sheet; it is a risk of getting someone sick at your workplace. Therefore, when you reopen, the first thing you need to do is consult with your team. 

May 15, 2020

Let’s Talk About Growth In This New Normal: Post COVID19 Growth Road Map

The new normal demands agility and understanding of your customer values.

COVID19 has far-reaching impacts on our lives, work, and economy. Companies are struggling to understand its full impact on their business to prepare the best response. Many of them have started to invest in the emerging opportunities in the current scenario.

Agility is the need of the hour for the companies in this once-in-a-generation challenge. In the current context, it is not only about capturing revenue, but it has to be done quickly. First movers will get significant rewards in this race.

This is the time when leaders need to take an approach to drive revenue for the organizations. Here are five steps to bring growth back to your organizations post COVID19.

Startup Approach

No matter how established and large organizations you are, this scenario is demanding a startup approach. A startup approach is about having a mindset where action is at core of the activities. A startup mindset will help you to develop and implement an agile rhythm in your daily schedules.  Let’s conduct the regular team meetings of 15 minutes, weekly 30 minutes review of the team with CEO, and monthly hourlong review. Keep everything at faced pace; let the accountability flows in your organization with agility. 

Keep People At The Core of Your Activities

Internal and external customers should be at the core of your strategy. Companies need to rethink their operating model to drive rapid action resulting in growth. There has been a significant shift happened in the workforce culture. People working remotely should be loaded with all the required training and assets. Internal customers may require a completely different set of skills and capabilities to perform better in this situation.

Digital Transformation is a new weapon

The sooner, the better is the case with accelerating your technology and digital segment. In the growth recovery battle, digital transformation is your ultimate weapon. You need to have several other things in your armory, but digitalization will determine your success in this battle. Many companies have started integrating innovative technologies in their operations to reduce the cost and improve the operations.

Customers’ Buying Journey Is Changed

A customer-centric approach is not a new principle of business success, but companies need a recalibration of how customers will make a decision now. The customer buying journey is completely changed. Companies need to rethink what customers now value. A more granular approach to segment the customers is required.

May 14, 2020

One More Feather In Our Hat: Red Hat Partnership

Saxonlabs, a software development, cloud & Automation technology solutions provider, has achieved Red Hat Partnership Certification. Having Red Hat certification enables the Saxonlabs team to expand the software development ecosystem. With this certification, we will be helping ISVs and our customers in their next-generation software projects.

As a Red Hat partner, our DevOps platform, Zscale becomes more robust to providing a more secure tested Kubernetes applications and software. Our customers will get modernize offerings with cloud-ready technology built for scalability with more security.

Our DevOps will build apps and software on a hybrid cloud platform that offers portability, choice, and support. With our Red Hat certification, we make our customers stay competitive and meet market demand, no matter where they are in their journey.

Saxonlabs CEO Gopi Kandukuri said, “We have been helping our customers across the industries to achieve their business growth by adopting the latest technology. Red Hat Partnership is one more achievement in our journey to provide superior customer experience to our customers.”

Gopi Kandukuri

About Saxonlabs:
Saxonlabs is a Dallas based boutique software company focused on solving customer business challenges using technology. Its core services include Software Development, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security, Cloud Applications, and Digital Transformation. Saxonlabs is transforming the ideas into reality, solving the most complicated business problems, and helping the industries to boost productivity.

May 13, 2020

The “iPhone” moment in Cloud

Cloud technologies have just come out of the teenage and stepping into adulthood. The last 20 years have witnessed the birth and growth of several cloud companies but still had not hit the moment we are experiencing now. COVID-19 situation, coupled with the economic downturn, has now created an "iPhone" moment in Cloud, and here are few reasons for us to recognize it as the "smartphone" moment.

  • Cloud has put technology in everyone's pocket.

With Cloud, every business can subscribe to products/services which were only accessible to large enterprises as on-prem tools/technologies. 

  • Cloud has transformed the eCommerce channel from the option to a necessity to survive.

eCommerce was most prevalent in the B2C market, but the current situation has provided a significant impetus for B2B to go online, which is a much larger market segment. Now, as businesses taste the convenience, ease, and transparency of doing business online it will become the mainstay. 

  • Cloud is changing the way Products/Services will be created and distributed. 

From individual yoga teachers to entertainers to businesses, Cloud has offered the lifeline to maintain business continuity and thereby ensuring revenue streams are intact. In several other situations, it has inspired them to quickly develop new product/service offerings, which will accelerate their path to recovery.

  • The future of work is remote, and Cloud is what makes it happen.

Most of the knowledge economy companies have embraced remote work like never before. In the most recent announcement, Twitter has shared that it will allow its employees to work remotely forever. This trend will only continue, and new products/services, which will make remote work safe, productive, more collaborative will be on the rise, which will fuel further cloud adoption. 

  • Cloud will democratize and proliferate the entire world.

The speed at which technology is available across the world is high, and it has a twofold effect: a. it reduces the technology gap across geography b. it breeds innovation across the globe, creating new silicon valleys. 

  • API economy will emerge stronger and drive innovation across industries.

Cloud has nurtured a shared economy model and collaboration among technology companies. Successful companies are the ones that have built the ecosystem by opening up their APIs for other ISV(Independent Software Vendors) & Product entrepreneurs. For example, companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Hubspot have large ecosystems that has helped them generate 3X-6X times the revenue from their own product lines. 

  • Cloud enables Automation and AI to work at scale. 

Automation and AI have experienced a surge in demand in the current situation. Both of them rely on Cloud to be transformative and compelling. 

Thus, year 2020 for Cloud will be similar to 2007 for the Mobile telephone market when iPhone emerged on the scene and changed everything for good.

May 07, 2020

Staffing Industry is Embedding Tech-Driven Recruiting

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Industries across the globe are utilizing the advantage of technology to boost their operations and outreach to their prospective customers. When we talk about the staffing industry, tech-driven recruiting is something disrupting the entire market. Apart from having an applicant tracking system, many agencies have started using technology to build a candidate profile from the available public information of the candidates on the digital platform.

Now job seekers would not be asked about how to react to different scenarios instead show how to respond through virtual reality. As we know, finding a job is itself a job. When it comes to land a dream job, you must keep the technology as your best friend.

In the last five years, technology has embedded itself in the job search process. Job seekers missing technology in their process will lose to hold their dream job. We have heard many times that AI is helping recruiters and employers to make hiring decisions, but how it happens.

1 – Organizations and staffing industries are creating profiles on you (Secretly)

What is new in this? You may have heard about software that your resume for a keyword and fetch the data. However, recruiters are not only scrutinizing your resume but building a complete profile on you based on your data available on a public domain such as social profiles, awards, academic histories data uploaded on social profiles, old blogs, LinkedIn, etc.

With the help of these tools, recruiters are building a profile on you without meeting you in person. Sometimes profiles they create seem different than your resume. Employers and recruiters believe that these sources are better to tell about who you are before having an in-person meeting with you.

2 – Skill Assessments are getting more sophisticated

There is nothing new except the more intelligent algorithms used to conduct skill and personality assessments. The AI platforms will check whether a candidate is a perfect fit for the job. It is not only about skill assessment, but it also includes cultural fit.

3 – Time to show, not to tell

You have heard this question during your interviews, ‘How would you react in specific circumstances. Now the question will remain the same, but rather than answering that question, you must show how you will handle the situation. Companies are working on implementing VR to create a virtual workplace scenario. Technology is helping employers to get a clearer picture of how you will react to a given situation.

How Would You Manage To Get Your Dream Job In Tech-Driven Recruiting Era?

1 – Focus on your online presence.

What sort of content you are posting, sharing, or commenting will determine your candidature in this tech-driven recruiting era.

2 – Company Making Profile On you, You Make Profile On Company

Learn as much as you can about the prospect organization. There is a lot of data available in the public domain about the employers that you can use to learn about them. You can browse their digital assets to check their cultural environment, work ethics, employee reviews, and more.

3 – Embed the technology in your jobs search process

Believe it or not, tech-driven technology is going to stay. If you adopt this new culture, you will get your dream job.  Companies have a large number of resources at their disposal, but you also have options. There are several online skill assessment tools and career mapping resources to help you boost the job search process.

May 06, 2020

A 5-step action guide for Post COVID CIO

We all have landed in the Post COVID era. I am not saying from the point of finding the vaccines, which is perhaps still a long way but in the economic sense. All businesses across the industries have rebooted in more than ways - from business models to service offerings to new modes of serving the customers. Technology leaders became the most sought after warriors inside the organization as they had to overnight build the digital infrastructure to ensure business continuity. Now, as we begin to settle into the new normal, CIO's have a more significant responsibility of working strategically with the business leaders to build Organization 2.0.

Organization 2.0 will invariably be a Digital-first business and will demand the CIO create value differentiation in the market place. Here is a 5-step action guide for the Post COVID CIO: 

  1. Reduce the burn rate of the team - This is the perfect time to cut the slack that exists in the team, prepare to tackle the long road to economic recovery by cutting costs on expensive resources. This means CIO has to be smarter to evaluate and use off-shore teams or on-demand talent pool without sacrificing the quality of delivery.
  2. Retire high maintenance applications - Applications that are a cost burden on the infrastructure and are requiring huge on-site or off-shore teams to manage should be looked at retiring. The two-fold approach is to rearchitect applications that are resource-efficient and migrate from on-prem to cloud.
  3. Automate, Automate, and Automate - Using Robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence, almost every aspect of business can achieve higher productivity, repeatability, and accuracy. 
  4. Evaluate your technology vendors - This is the perfect time to evaluate your technology vendors across software, hardware, and services. Breakaway from vendors who have you locked in annual contracts by replacing them with subscription-based vendors; replace expensive staffing partners; retire technologies that have lower adoption inside the business. 
  5. Build and strengthen the new business model - Digital commerce is here to stay and has achieved a momentum that has forced organizations to embrace this business model wholeheartedly. This means all products or services will have to be produced and delivered in on-demand mode. 

Many CIOs are already on this path by making their organizations resilient to wither this storm and also be leaders on the path to recovery in their industry. Every crisis is an opportunity for the leader to unlock their potential and scale new heights. While some of the changes suggested here take time, others can be swift so that it creates the oxygen mask your business needs now.

Apr 30, 2020

4 Things To Stay Relevant and Save Your Job During This Crisis

The COVID 19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, especially our work. With 26 million Americans filing for unemployment within five weeks, the job security aspect is likely to come in our mind. 

Here are some facts:

Weekly jobless claims totaled 4.4 million last week, slightly more than expected. (Source: CNBC)

The five-week total is now 26.4 million, more than all of the jobs added since the Great Recession. (Source: CNBC)

There is a lot of uncertainty in the environment. Amid this uncertainty, there is a silver lining. There are some ways you can adopt to prove your worth and thrive even during this challenging situation.  Undoubtedly, difficult times demand resilience to make yourself more appealing during this period.  Here are some steps that you can take to make sure that you are worthy, and you are the fittest one for the job. In this race, you need to compete with yourself and transform it into your new version.

1 - Be Adaptable and Resilient

Being resilient is an essential trait at this time. You need to be able to handle challenges in this current situation. You need to evolve. Stay updated with the current industry trends. Adjust to the new circumstances in your company and industry. Move forward and take projects/responsibilities that need to be handled in this new circumstance. Whether it is conducting virtual meetings or taking additional responsibilities, don’t let anything go.

If somebody asks you to do something out of your work scope, be ready to help. You need to be open to filling in wherever you think you can help. These are the things that will set you apart. During this period, be thoughtful and kind to your teammates.

2 - Out-of-the-box thinking

This is the best time to explore your creativity. Bring creativity in your work that benefits the entire organization. Be the master of your skills, brainstorm new ways to get the things done in this tough time faster. When the whole industry is looking at the ways to sail through this situation, you cannot sit idle. Play Your Role Aggressively. People with creative thinking and problem-solving ability are the most sought after in this current situation. Who does not want to have someone who can solve their pain points? The only bad idea is not to have any idea at all.

3 - Learning Never Ends

We have heard and recited many times that ‘Learning never ends.’ This is the best time to bring this learning into action. Learn new things related to your industry and be adaptable to change. Develop additional skills. If you are a social media marketing executive, you can decide to improve your data analytical skills to make a better analysis of the performance and enhance the engagement. You do not have to make the 180-degree shift, start with small steps but be consistent, and learn every day. As you start picking up new skills and knowledge, you will be more productive.

Sharpen your skills related to your industry

4 - Have Get-The-Things-Done Attitude

Employers will love to have a teammate with get-the-things-done attitude. While companies are focusing on developing business models and revenue streams to keep their business afloat, they would like to have team members who can get things done quickly. Be the person who can roll up his/her sleeves and take the task at hand, no matter how small or big a job is.

This is the time when people with determination, dedication, and grit will survive and stand out from others.

There is no assurance that these steps will not let your employer lay off but surely help you to strengthen your position in the current organization and boost your skills, in case you decide to explore new opportunities or projects.

Apr 22, 2020

Digital Sprint your recovery from COVID-19

In just a matter of a few weeks, the world we live in is disrupted in more than one way. COVID-19 was the most undesirable factor for any of us to make digital transformation a priority. Business leaders across many industries were coasting along with Digital strategy as a nice to have feature but not with the vision and rigor of making it a priority. So, digital for most businesses has arrived from the future to the present. 

With the current economic situation and the uncertain trajectory we are threading, business leaders have to make some tough choices. Organizations that are already on their path of digital transformation will be better positioned to handle the current situation and will emerge more robust post this crisis. For many, it will be building the parachute as they are jumping off the cliff. Thankfully, there are solutions built using technologies like Automation, Cloud, and AI, which are business-ready and can accelerate digital transformation.

Here is a sprint approach to digital transformation and critical questions you as a business leader needs to address:

Day 1: Create a Digital RoadMap and choose a target. The key questions are:

  1. What are the emerging customer behaviors? 
  2. How has my supply chain changed?
  3. What new channels have formed to reach my target market?  

Day 2: Sketch Compelling Solutions. Revisit your products and services to understand which of them will hold relevance in the new world and what new offerings will find value in your customer's hearts. The questions you have to tackle are:

  1. What products will accelerate my recovery path?
  2. Which products/services will have the least resistance to adoption?
  3. What price-value considerations do my customers hold in the digital world?
  4. How quickly can I build a new product/service?

Day 3: Decide on the best. While there could be many choices for your recovery, we will have to pick the winner. Some key questions to help you make that wise choice are: 

  1. What is the agility of my new business model?
  2. Which Digital channel will have higher customer lifetime value, low customer churn, and earn higher ARPU (Average return per user?)

Day 4: Build a realistic Prototype. Here time is the essence, so building something quick and functional is essential. We are trying to create something that will last forever but also have to develop it for change. A few questions to consider:

  1. Which tool/technology can help me launch faster?
  2. Which features/functionality will win me, customers, fast?
  3. How quickly can prototype emerge as a complete offering?

Day 5: Test with Target Customers. If you have a business that has earned the trust of your customers, you will always have some ready to take chances on your experiments. A few things to watch out for:

  1. Watch and perform analytics on your customer interactions with your products/services.
  2. Create an ecosystem for your customers to consume your products, which makes their lives complete.
  3. Emphasize collaboration to increase adoption. 

The underlying considerations for you to get this Sprint right are to have the right talent mix which owns an agile mindset.

Apr 16, 2020

How do we know we have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset at work?

Is criticism bad or an opportunity for you to improve? Does failure stop you from trying further or encourage you to do better? Does competition make you feel intimated and threatened or inspired?

Your answers to these questions will determine your mindset at work. Before we start elaborating this chapter further, we should understand the meaning of these two terms: Growth Mindset and a Fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset:

These terms are coined by Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. These two terms will define the belief of the people in their talents and abilities.

As the name suggests, a fixed mindset is a belief that our knowledge, character, and creativity are innate and unchangeable. A person with a fixed mindset lives with this belief that our skills and intelligence cannot be improved. On the other hand, a person with a growth mindset considers gaps in skills and look for the chances of growth.

It is a belief that with determination, training, and dedication, we can increase our abilities, we can improve our skills, we can learn new skills.

Do You Have A Growth Mindset? While you guys figure out which mindset you believe you have, let’s understand how a growth mindset will help you. Why does it matter to have a growth mindset at work?

How A Growth Mindset will help you succeed at work

A growth mindset keeps you open for new learnings, new skills, new improvements to become smarter in the workplace. A person with a growth mindset will always challenge himself/herself to do better.

A manager with a growth mindset always challenges them to do better, having complete trust in them. On the other hand, a manager with a fixed mindset, find it hard to manage a team. With a fixed mindset, the manager will doubt on the performance of the team that they will never do a better job.

How to determine which mindset we have?

Undoubtedly, we all fall into one mindset or another. The best way to find which mindset we have is to understand how we react and respond to situations.

Do you feel intimated whenever you get competition from your colleagues? Do you want to stick in your comfort zone or want to come out to grow?

Now, you need to figure out how you respond to these types of situations in your life. Here are more some other points to understand the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset:

A person with a Growth Mindset believes Feedback/Criticism as an opportunity to improve

A person with a Fixed Mindset considers Feedback/Criticism as a threat or failure

A person with a Growth Mindset, Failure means learnings from mistakes

A person with a Fixed Mindset, Failure means he/she is incapable

A person with a growth mindset embraces the new challenges and come out from the comfort zones

A person with a Fixed Mindset tries to avoid new challenges

A person with a growth mindset considers competition a way to get inspired, learn and grow

A person with a fixed mindset considers competition as an intimidation

A person with Growth Mindset learning new skills is essential.

A person with a fixed mindset, skills are unchangeable

Apr 09, 2020

How Saxon on-demand software services is the right prescription for the current business environment?

We all have come to learn that 2020 - will be a landmark year in the history of work culture. Indeed, post this, how we work, and get things done remotely will shape future organizational structure. It has undoubtedly pushed many conventional industries and businesses to think lean, adopt tools that can help them work remotely without a drop in productivity level, and many of them to change their business models. 

Remote by Design

Our core business is technology staffing and solutions with our consultants serving several industries. Our process and frameworks enable remote teams to work effectively in helping our clients for their development or testing or data engineering needs. 

We stand the distinction of being in the group of a handful of companies who can provide software services in an on-demand model. For our clients, this can solve multiple problems. One, the need to find a highly qualified and curated team that can ramp up on the fly, two investment in the infrastructure of licenses, tools is zero, and third, unlike Upwork or similar talent market places, we have 100% ownership on the delivery. 

All this is possible because, over the last ten years, we have tested the operating model to build mature processes and frameworks. We believe we can never go wrong with complete transparency, staying on top of communication, using agile frameworks, and proven project management tools. 

Quality First Approach

How do you ingrain the importance of quality in remote teams?

Our developers, testers, and data engineers undergo a rigorous process of onboarding where acceptable quality levels are firmly established. Our ira based work allocation and management make it a painless process for our clients for managing the allocated talent pool. With our tools, they can easily see the performance metrics of the various engineers and report on any issue concerning the quality of delivery. 

Sprint from Idea to Product 

Saxon provides a massive global technology talent infrastructure that allows you to innovate, experiment, and iterate quickly. Instead of waiting weeks or months for your ideas to take wings, you can instantly prototype your ideas, instantly scale up as your product or software application grows, and instantly scale down based on demand. Whether you need one virtual technical resource or a team of engineers, whether you need them for a few hours or 24/7, you still only pay for what you use.

Open and Flexible

At Saxon, we are a technology agnostic delivery platform. You choose the development platform or programming model that makes the most sense for your business. You can choose which services you use, one or several, and decide how you use them. This flexibility allows you to focus on business innovation, not on the tech talent that is needed for you to make it happen. 

Do More with Less

In response to the current business environment, every organization has to preserve cash and reduce the burn rate. Saxon offers low, pay-as-you-go pricing with no up-front expenses or long-term commitments. We can build and manage a tech talent pool at scale, and pass the cost-saving benefits onto you in the form of lower software development or testing costs. With the efficiencies of our scale and expertise, we have been able to drive 3X RoI for our customers.

Apr 02, 2020

A Letter To Valued Partners

This COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting not only our lives but our businesses and way of life.  It is a truly unprecedented global situation, and we are continuously monitoring it. We are following the guidelines of The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We won’t stop serving our clients; however, we have changed the way we do our jobs (i.e., working from home). We are working meticulously to make sure that our clients’ businesses are functioning efficiently.  We are taking complete care of our consultants and clients to make sure that they get all the resources and support needed.

Saxon Global is founded on six core values: Our Customers Come First (Clients and Consultants), Accountability, We Play Bold To Win, Keep It Simple, Teamwork, and Have a ton of Fun.

Our core values help us in this tough time to support internal employees, consultants, and clients. We are making all efforts to ensure these groups are connected, supported, and productive.

Here we are focusing on these points:

  1. Helping our clients to make the transition to connect with remote teams ready to support everything – support, helpdesk, access management, queries to maintain the business continuity.
  2. We have started implementing technology toolkits for virtual interviews, hiring process, onboarding process, and other resources to maintain the social distancing and continue productivity
  3. Our workforce is fully equipped with secure technology toolkits to provide secure and maximum productivity to our clients
  4. We are more connected than ever. Our all forums are active where clients can engage with our account managers anytime

We would like to thank you for being a valued member of the Saxon Global Family

Mar 13, 2020

CIOs focus areas in the wake of the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID -19)

COVID-19 is continuously spreading across the globe, resulting in shutting down several offices across the world to stop the spread. CIOs need to take some proactive measures to combat this situation without hampering the operations. This pandemic is also causing economic danger to the entire world.

In the latest event, the trillions of dollars wiped from financial markets this week. 

WHO has already classified COVID as a pandemic, which means organizations should be cautious more than ever to combat this virus and continue their operations simultaneously? Is it possible? Yes.

“The value of digital channels, products, and operations is immediately obvious to companies everywhere right now,” says Sandy Shen, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner. “This is a wake-up call for organizations that have placed too much focus on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business and long-term resilience. Businesses that can shift technology capacity and investments to digital platforms will mitigate the impact of the outbreak and keep their companies running smoothly now, and over the long term.”

Businesses need to be proactive in maintaining as much operational continue as possible without spreading this virus. Digital transformation is one of the areas where organizations should have invested more. However, late is better than never. CIOs now need to expand access and capabilities in the digital workspaces resource category. It will help them to maintain the continuity of the operation to some extent.

CIOs Need To Expand digital workplace resources and access

Company leaders and government representatives in several countries asked the people to avoid unnecessary travel and social gatherings to prevent COVID viral spread. Many organizations have asked their employees to work from home to ensure that they keep active the operations as well as avoid the spread of this virus, keeping their employees safe. CIOs need to take these proactive steps:

Understand the typical workflow:

CIOs need to understand the workflow of the people who can work their jobs remotely and provide them access to the system they need. It can include a laptop, communication platforms like messaging, chat, emails, ERP systems, etc.

54% of HR leaders in our snap poll indicated that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working.


Determine security needs:

It is very critical to overview the security needs and assess what their team members need to work safely. It will be better if employees are provided with the authorized systems to keep the data and work securely. Employees will be working on a public or private network of their locations. CIOs need to consider the endpoint security aspects for employee identity and service devices.

Update HR policies and Resource Access:

As organizations are asking their employees to work from home, they also need to update their policies regarding this plan (Who can work from home, who often and for how long). Moreover, the IT department will make sure that they maintain the proper surveillance of giving access and limiting it when required.

Team members need to undergo a training program to understand data protection and how they can exchange the document and information safely.

Get Ready With New Capabilities:

It is the time when organizations need to scale up their technology capabilities. Instant messaging, Videoconferencing, and other collaborations tools are some of the examples that will facilitate the remote work. 

CIOs need to assess the needs and acquire the required access to these capabilities. Ideally, they should connect with flexible and short-term contractors with their existing vendors or new ones to accommodate the current surge.

Mar 04, 2020

Is Your Company Paying Attention To Candidate Experience?

There is no wonder that in this hypercompetitive labor market, 60% of recruitment leaders are planning to invest more in Candidate Experience.

What is the candidate experience?

A candidate wants to be treated affectionally throughout the interview and joining process. Candidate experience is all about how a job seeker perceives and reacts to the hiring process (Sourcing, Interviewing, and Onboarding).

Why Is it so important now?

The current labor market power has shifted towards the candidates, giving them the power to decide to choose a job.

In today's market, 92% of candidates have more than one job offer on the table to decide. 


They don't feel afraid to back out from the hiring process if they find it not matching their expectations.

36% of candidates stated that they had accepted a job offer in the past but after that decided not to join. This situation leaves the recruiters to start the hiring process from the beginning again, which is undoubtedly a disappointing situation.

Why Does It Happen?

There are plenty of reasons for backing out of the hiring process; however, there is one thing common: Negative Emotions. The hiring journey of a candidate includes several stages, which can be filled with excitement and hope, and sometimes filled with frustration, fraught, and confusion.

How To Improve Candidate Experience?

According to Garner's research report, there are four critical moments in the candidate experience: Attraction, Application, post-application, and decision making. To succeed in the hiring process, organizations need to work to understand these four key factors and mitigate the negative emotions to give world-class candidate experience to the candidates.

Attraction: When Candidates check information related to the job

Application: When Candidates submit their job applications

Post-Application:  The time when candidates are waiting to hear back from the recruiters

Decision making: When candidates decide whether to accept a job offer

Candidates may withdraw their application or back out of the hiring process or post negative reviews about the company if the company fails in these four key points to provide a better candidate experience.

Attraction: Candidates are Swamped with Information

Undoubtedly, candidates have access to plenty of information now than ever.  Candidates' mail inboxes are bombarded with Glassdoor follow-ups, LinkedIn recommendations, and mails from recruiters of different companies. With all this noise, it isn't very easy to make your message stand out.

Instead of increasing the quantity of outreach, focus on improving the quality of candidate outreach. It will break the clutter and stand out your message. Create personas of your target segments and then craft the message around those personas to appeal. This strategy will help you to target the right talent with the correct information.

Application: Candidates Are Puzzled Regarding The Job (Poor Job Description)

The first thing that candidates ponder on while applying for a job is Job Description. Despite given this much importance to the job description, recruiters usually skip it. Job descriptions are the gateways for the recruiters to introduce their jobs to prospective candidates. However, most of the recruiters leave the candidates confused regarding what the job exactly demands. Thus, either the candidates apply for the wrong job or never apply for the first place.

Job descriptions with a laundry list of bullet points had a 7% apply rate vs a 46% apply rate for descriptions with few bullet points.

They need to have a clear picture of their role and responsibilities. Here are three vital ingredients of a well-written job description – Culture Description, Interesting work, and fewer bullet points.

Post-Application: Feeling Disappointed Due to “Little to No Communication”

After submitting the job applications, candidates reach the stage where they keep on waiting to receive little to no communication from the recruiters or organization.  Candidates spend several hours preparing application materials.

In fact, 69% of new hires report dissatisfaction with the status updates they receive from organizations throughout the process.


17% of candidates withdraw due to the lack of contact/proper communication.


Recruiters need to fix this negative experience. For this, they need to enable a transparent process where they first need to set realistic expectations. They should provide clear timelines and do proactive communication with the candidates.

Decision Making: Multiple Job Offers, which one to choose

The hypercompetitive job market is giving the power to the candidates to select the organization. Therefore, candidates often in more than one job offer in their hands to choose from. Having more than one job offer leaves them stuck in the decision-making stage.

In the past three years, the number of candidates considering at least one other offer rose by 31%


Candidates are struggling in this phase to make the right decision. Recruiters make all attempts to persuade the candidates to accept their job offer, but this only does not help. Instead, recruiters should act like career coaches for the candidates and guide them to assess the best fit based on their interests and preferences.

They can show them organizations' comparisons, highlight benefits, consider their employment value proposition EVP. Help them to cut all irrelevant information and make them focus on what matters. It helps the candidates to make the right decisions and reduces the chances of new-hire turnover.


The recruiting process is a rollercoaster of emotions wherein candidates go through various stages. It is a journey full of emotions. Recruiters can mitigate negative emotions and build the right team for their organizations. It is more like helping the candidates to find their dream job. Think from their perspective.

Feb 17, 2020

How To Tackle The Talent Acquisition Challenge in 2020?

Isn’t finding the right talent is the biggest constraint for your business growth? The current labor market is grappling with the talent shortage problem. 

The unemployment rate in the U.S. dropped to its lowest point in the last 50 years. Employers are pouring more and more jobs in the market but finding trouble in hiring the right talent.

“Lacking talent and skills is the top internal constraint to digital business growth,”

Lily Mok, VP Analyst, Gartner

Hiring Challenges

Skill Shortage: The technology trends are changing at a rapid pace; job seekers missing to match this pace will not be able to fit the right talent pool. One of the biggest challenges is to find the right talent for the job.

Employee/Employers Ghosting: The unemployment rate has shifted the market in favor of job seekers. They are controlling the job market. Employee ghosting has always been one of the biggest challenges for employers. However, the current market is total employee-oriented, which means they have multiple options to choose from.

Flexibility: Gig economy is growing by leaps and bounces. Job seekers are attracted to freelancing and contract jobs because they get more flexibility. Employers are still pondering upon this issue to understand to what extent they need to give feasibility to their employees.

“In 2027, more than half of the workforce will be or will have been, an independent. ”

MBO partners

Proactiveness/ Building Talent Pool: Most of the Human resource managers act in a hurry when it comes to hiring talent. They never proactively build a talent pool, which turns into higher TAT for hiring the right talent.

Candidate Experience: It matters a lot. A candidate wants to be treated affectionally throughout the interview and joining process. Candidate experience is all about how a job seeker perceives and reacts to the hiring process (Sourcing, Interviewing and Onboarding)

“According to a 2019 survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, nearly half of U.S. job seekers in high-demand industries such as technology, energy, and banking have turned down job offers because of the wrong candidate experience.”

Proven Methods to Tackle Talent Acquisition Challenges

Speed Up The Hiring Process: 

  1. Remove unnecessary steps involved in the process
  2. Write an unambiguous job description
  3. Screen Skills Not Resumes

Improve Candidate Experience:

  1. Treat them professionally from the beginning of the recruitment process.
  2. Enable easy application process
  3. Respect candidates’ time
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate
  5. Give and ask for feedback
  6. Build and Maintain candidate relationship

Build the talent pool:

  1. Review your organizational strategies
  2. Assess the company's current talent to identify any skills gaps
  3. Prepare a repository of Sourcing Tools (Social Media Campaigns, Referrals, Website, Inbound Recruiting, talent networking events, etc.)

Upskilling/Reskilling of the existing workforce:

  1. Connect employees with a mentor.
  2. Encourage self-training (Rewards, pain training time, flexibility to attend training seminars
  3. Use real-life simulations and case studies.
  4. Build a Learning Culture
  5. Online Training Courses

Jan 28, 2020

Pitfalls in hiring the Tech Talent

Hiring is a time-consuming process. Hiring managers undergo a rigorous process to identify the ideal candidate. However, what if despite all the efforts, they get it all wrong? According to a survey, a technology company could lose an average of $15,000 for a single bad hire. When it comes to workplace mistakes, hiring the wrong resource can be worse than poor performance.

Recruiting the perfect tech talent is unarguably the most critical aspect of a business. Finding the right talent is not easy, especially when it comes to tech talent. To make sure that you make the right decisions, you have to consider a plethora of factors to improve recruitment efficacy.

In the contemporary tech-driven world, finding optimal staffing solutions can be extremely vexing, especially, for companies in the IT industry. Hiring top IT talent is imperative for organizational growth and success, which is why exceptional IT professionals are high in demand and rare to find.

If you are looking to recruit the top tech talent, to start a new team, or add another member to your existing organization, here are some of the common mistakes most recruiters make and the ways to avoid them:

Pitfall # 1: Formulating incorrect job descriptions

The most common and greatest mistakes recruiters make is, failing to define job descriptions correctly. Especially in the IT industry, hiring the finest tech talent in the market requires you to be very specific about what you need. In contrast with management or any other field, IT experts are specialized professionals with a very particular set of skills.

If you want your company to be on top, you need to ensure that the hiring process is tuned at every end. It is crucial for your hiring process to attract the correct fit for your business right from the beginning. It’s a common practice to rush into interviews without formulating correct job roles and requirements picking up candidates through their resumes on LinkedIn or other portals.

Imagine making a product without understanding client requirements? There is no logic to this equation. The same goes for hiring. Hiring a professional who doesn’t have the skills necessary for the job can only lead to undesirable outcomes. Hiring managers need to explicitly understand the job roles and requirements before assessing potential recruits.

The solution:

What you need to do here is to review the job role and requirements for the position carefully, before choosing a candidate. Then look at the candidate’s previous experiences and evaluate if they are aligned with current job requirements. Ensure that every relevant authority agrees with the information provided for reviewing candidates, so there are no uncertainties left – get every stakeholder on onboard.

You can also discuss the job role with someone who is working in a similar capacity. You might not be aware of what is actually required for the role. You can sort it out by talking to peers to get insights about the role. Also, develop a list of expectations that should be achieved within a timeframe. Now you have evaluation metrics to measure the candidate’s performance and skill.

Don’t completely rely on information that is present on the resume. It could portray that a candidate is right for the position, but that might not be true.

Pitfall # 2: Overcomplicating the process

Overcomplicating the recruitment process is a common mistake, recruiters make – driving the top tech talent away from their company. Hiring is a two-way process; while a hiring manager looks for the best fit, candidates also look for the right company. Hiring managers are usually focused on meeting the ends, i.e., hiring the right candidate. They don’t pay attention to the other side of the picture.

Everyone wants a top performer. Obviously, you would like to see your company grow towards success. Your company’s recruiting process is the first impression on potential candidates. An efficient process would attract candidates to join the organization.

Another factor that can hinder the recruitment process is a comprehensive evaluation. While it may be useful for certain positions, making it a ground-rule for all positions may lower recruitment efficiency. Each role needs a correlated evaluation method to improve the onboarding process.

The solution:

To avoid this particular pitfall, you need to understand the whole process. If you are interested in a highly talented candidate, then they are interested in you for sure. While you are going through their resume, they are doing the same for your company. This is the time when you will discover each other to find out if you can work together or not.

By following the correct process, you value their talent and time. Simplifying the process could make it easier. Revise the process. Drop unnecessary recruitment stages and improvise the process. Only keep the part that could help your team to select a candidate with minimal effort. You can use a questionnaire or use their work samples for the test rather than evaluating an individual on customary, standardized tests.

Pitfall # 3: Structure is the key

Once you shortlist a candidate, and they are ready to join your company. What’s next? Do you have a systemic process to execute the transition? Most of the hiring managers think that when the contract is signed, their job is done and dusted; however, this is wrong. That is the starting point.

What is the solution?

You must be thinking that an orientation program can be a correct move. In reality, it’s a lot more than just orientation.

The onboarding process should cover the candidate’s experience as a whole. You should revamp the process by keeping data and carrying out surveys. The orientation program should not be just a guide to café or emergency rules. It should include training courses, future planning, assessment programs, and introduction to leaders. These factors are equally important and fall under the banner of HR, whose responsibility is to take fresh talent onboard with utmost agility and professionalism.

Dec 02, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Is REAL: CIO Breakfast Series First Episode

We have started a series of CIOs Breakfast Tech Event, where we bring in technology leaders from DFW. The first episode of this series was focused on “ Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Mining, and Machine Learning. The discussion was led by Sriram Ganapathy, Director AI, Microsoft. We had tech leaders from different industries in our event.  

Have you ever thought about the situation when knowledgeable and highly experienced people surround you? It is nothing but feels like swimming in the ocean of Knowledge. Our guests made the event so engaging that we all got a lot of practical questions about Knowledge mining and artificial intelligence. Technology Is Evolving At Much Faster Speed, so are we.   


Machine Learning and AI is here to improve the process and productivity not to cut the jobs 

There is a growing demand for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Experts 

Organizations Need to Reskill Their Staff with the latest technology  

We have been in the IT staffing business for more than 15 years. For us, bridging this skill gap in the market is very important. We are bridging the gap between Tech Companies and Tech Consultants.  

Nov 19, 2019

Saxon Labs Achieves Bronze Partner Accreditation

Dallas, Irving Nov, 8, 2019,  

Saxon Labs, a software development, cloud & Automation technology solutions provider, has joined the Automation Anywhere Alliance program to help customers augment their business processes and accelerate digital transformation. This alliance is focused on fostering the automation solutions across the country with Saxon Labs Technology Services. Enterprises are adopting automation at a rapid pace, with this alliance program, Saxon Labs strengthened its RPA services. Saxon Labs aims to strengthen organizations’ productivity and save time and cost by transforming their manual processes into robotic processes.  

Organizations today are now embracing the new wave of technologies like IoT, cognitive computing, and task-level Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to overcome challenges like reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increasing workforce efficiency, reducing human error and so on.  

Saxon Labs CEO, Gopi Kandukuri said, "We have been helping our customers across the industries to achieve their business growth by adopting the latest technology. Automation is the new wave of technology, and we look forward to delivering superior customer experience to our customers working with Automation Anywhere." 

About Saxon Labs: 

Saxon Labs is a Dallas based boutique software company focused on solving customer business challenges using technology. Its core services include Software Development, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security, Cloud Applications, and Digital Transformation. Saxon Labs is transforming the ideas into reality, solving the most complicated business problems, and helping the industries to boost productivity.  

About Automation Anywhere  

Automation Anywhere is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Its products are developed to enable organizations to operate with greater efficiency by automating any part of the business. With its innovative technology products, Automation Anywhere is helping organizations to overcome challenges and improve efficiency resulting in business profits. 

Media Contacts:  

Name: Hari Mylariah 

Organization: Saxon Labs 

Address: 1320 Greenway Drive Suite # 660, Irving, TX 75038 

Phone: +1 972-550-9346 

Website: https://saxonlabs.com 


Saxon Global Is Honored With prestigious Dallas 100 fastest-growing companies Award Second Time In a Row.

Saxon Global is awarded with the prestigious Dallas 100 fastest-growing companies award. We are honored to be recognized among the top innovative businesses operating in Irving, Dallas. Being ranked among the fastest-growing companies is a responsibility that we have been carrying out continuously. The biggest challenge was to maintain the consistency of delivering superior customer experience. Now, this award testifies that we are consistent in our endeavor to “Create Better Lives For The People We Serve.”  

This year’s winning companies collectively generated 3.5 billion in sales in 2018, according to Simon Mak, the Linda A. and Kenneth R. Morris Endowed Director of the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship at SMU Cox. Collectively, the companies grew at an average annual growth rate of 82 percent from 2016 to 2018. Together, they created almost 7,000 jobs in that same period.   

“These companies are the unsung heroes of the Dallas-area economy,” said Mak. “They are entrepreneurial dynamos, creating products and/or services that in turn create jobs and generate income for their owners, not to mention the millions of dollars they collectively contribute to our economy. For almost three decades now, it has been our honor at the Caruth Institute of Entrepreneurship to shine the spotlight on the critical role of entrepreneurship in the DFW economy. Congratulations to this year’s Dallas 100™ honorees.”   

“This award is the testament of our dedication and commitment to serve our customers. It reflects more than 400 team members' efforts and hard work. This is the second time in a row (2018, 2019), we are honored with this award, more to go.” Gopi Kandukuri, CEO Saxon Global 

About Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship 

The Cox School’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship ranks the top 100 Dallas privately-held entrepreneurial companies annually based on percentage growth and absolute dollar growth over the previous three years. The Institute, working with the accounting firm BKD LLP CPAs and Advisors, examined sales from hundreds of companies for 2016 to 2018, the last year for which complete data is available. The winners represent a broad spectrum of Dallas-area businesses. The ranking of the top 100 fastest-growing companies will be revealed at the awards ceremony.  

Dallas 100™, co-founded by the SMU Cox Caruth Institute, honors the ingenuity, commitment, and perseverance of the fastest-growing privately held entrepreneurial businesses in the Dallas area.  

About Saxon Global  

Saxon Global is one of the fastest-growing Inc 5000 Companies, providing enhanced IT Staffing & Consulting Services. Saxon global specializes in delivering high tech talent in areas of DWBI, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Computing. We at Saxon work across the industry verticals of Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Banking, Media, and Entertainment for their continued growth. 

Saxon Global, in its pursuit of excellence, has strengthened its skills and expertise in emerging technologies. What makes Saxon Global unique is our ability to help clients meet their business challenges through these technologies. Customer delight, which forms the core of Saxon Global vision, is built on strong pillars of Transparent Process and Trusted Delivery. 

Sep 19, 2019

Saxon Global Expands in US Market with CLICK IT Merger

Irving, Texas, Release: September 18, 2019.

Saxon Global, LLC is pleased to announce the completion of the merger of CLICK IT, Saxon acquired a Kentucky headquartered premier staffing agency in March 2018. As we welcome the CLICK IT into the Saxon Global, we believe that their expertise in the staffing industry will significantly contribute toward expanding our service offerings.

This merger fortifies Saxon Global’s continuing expansion of footprint by delivering high quality of delivery and contribute to the growth of our existing customers.

At the core of this merger is the success of our stakeholders. With this synergy, we are one step closer to our mission: To Create Better Lives for The People (Consultants & Hiring Managers) we Serve.

United by our vision, this new alliance makes now Saxon Global the forerunner in the Staffing Industry, boosting the organization’s future growth and performance.

Saxon Global, founded in 2000, is one of the fastest-growing Inc 5000 Companies, providing enhanced IT Staffing & Consulting Services. Saxon global specializes in delivering high tech talent in areas of DWBI, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Computing. Saxon work across the industry verticals of Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Banking, Media and Entertainment for their continued growth.

Launched in 2013 by veterans of the IT staffing industry, CLICK IT delivers successful technology staffing solutions with healthcare industry focus.

“We were looking to expand our US footprint and strengthen our Customer Relationships. The completion of CLICK IT into Saxon family helps us to serve our customers better in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area and broaden our healthcare customer portfolio”.

- Saxon Global CEO, Gopi Kandukuri

“CLICK IT Staffing is pleased to join the Saxon Global family of companies. We have a firm hold in the Midwest and appreciate both the depth of our alliances and the market expansion resulting from our focus on relationships. People matter most, and they matter first. Solving technology staffing challenges throughout the region is not only a great business, but it's a great honor. Saxon Global will enable us to expand our reach, deepen our roots and provide even better service to both talent and employer.
Effective October 1, our merger with Saxon Global will be official. Going forward, all communication will arrive under the Saxon name."

- CLICK IT President, Sam Smith

Media Contact info:

Name: Hari Mylariah

Organization: Saxon Global

Address: 1320 Greenway Drive Suite # 660, Irving, TX 75038

Phone: +1 972-550-9346

Website: https://saxonglobal.com

Aug 26, 2019

Be what you are is the best interview strategy

What employers want to listen is not you need to say in an interview. It is not a process where you need to please your interviewer or employer to get a job.  

It is a process where you discuss your skills, professional experience, achievements and learn about the organization. It is always vital to be comfortable during the interview so that you find a perfect match for your career.  

Being yourself means being authentic from resume to your explanations. Do you want to work where your personality and work style do not match? Here are some tips to be authentic and during the interview and find the perfect match.  

Be Authentic

When it comes to the interview, many candidates conceal or tamper a few facts. They feel compelled to do this so that the hiring manager sees them as a perfect match.  

Does any relationship succeed in long-term built on misrepresentation? Nope. 

Authenticity builds trust and strengthens the relationship. 

Self-awareness is Key

Most interview preparation blog posts underline the need for confidence during the process. No one can deny it. But, the unfortunate part is they miss out on emphasizing the need for self-awareness. One needs to have the right measure of confidence in wearing the right attitude while being aware of one's strengths and weakness.

Confidence with Self-awareness brings out humility. 

Don't overdo it 

Preparation of the interview is an excellent way to stay ahead. However, if you are trying to anticipate all the interview questions by reading thousands of online posts, you will end up unsuccessful.  

Would you like to be sounded a rehearsed person in the interview? No way, therefore read only a few authentic blog posts and learn a few valuable points.  

Be a storyteller

You can create an engaging experience for your interviewer with a strong storyline of your professional experience. Any good story is a hero's journey through the challenges and tribulations. So using this technique to share your professional contributions, success and the difference you have made in the lives of your previous employers can make you a hero in the eyes of the interviewer. 

Note: Any good hero gives due credit to his team and never fail to do that. 

Small talks can be helpful

You are in interview mode as soon as you reach the venue of the interview. You are always on a watch in the interview process. Your interaction with the front desk and any other individuals you meet as part of the interview counts. Small talks with front desk can help you learn about the culture and values.  

Build a Genuine Resume

One of the rookie mistakes that most of the job seekers make is forging their resumes with false details.  

According to HireRight's employment screening benchmark report, 85 percent of employers caught applicants faking on their resumes or applications. 

If you don’t have the specific skills required by an employer but still think you could be a right fit, make the case for it in your cover letter. 

Aug 07, 2019

Here Are 6 Job-Search Stress Busters

Looking For A Job Is Itself A Full-Time Job

Undeniably, finding a job is a stressful process. Especially when you are unemployed for a long period and looking for a new position to stay afloat. However, if your job search continues for a longer period, you may start feeling depressed. It will derail your job search. You should not let the anxiety dictate your job search. Be Persistent in your search and don't let anything stops you.

The gravity of this situation has also attracted the researchers to figure out how much job search stress impacts on our lives. Here are some facts:

• Depression rates are much higher for people who have been unemployed for more than a year. (Source: http://bit.ly/2YA2g3h)

• Unemployed individuals are three times more likely to abuse alcohol. (Source: http://bit.ly/2Kk2er3 )

Don't Let The Stress Ruin Your Next Career Move:


As we mentioned, the job search is itself a full-time job, you need to take it very seriously. Like your full-time job, you need to develop a daily plan of action and goals. You can set realistic and small goals such as sending 10 resumes in a day, sprucing up your resume, etc. It will keep you focused and active during your job search.


Your friends and family would be your good support network and can help you find a good job as well. You can spend some quality time with your friends to ease the job search stress. Networking helps you in many ways during your job search period.


Why can't you utilize this job search period to learn a new skill or hone your skills? Yes, it will not only help you to fight with job search stress but also bring you a good job opportunity.


Give yourself quality time and take a break from your daily mundane activities: Go for a vacation with your friends to freshen up and rejuvenate.


During your job search, rejections could be one thing to bother you the most. Focus on your strengths. You may not fit for this job, but another job is waiting for you, you just need to keep moving.


Don't let the negativity stop you to carry on your hunt for your dream job. There is a job waiting for you. Sometimes single follow up with the hiring manager can open a new door of opportunity.

Immanuel Bowjenku
Jun 05, 2019

Embrace the Girl within You

A cell can be basically defined as a functional unit of all the living organisms. And there is this particular cell or grouping of cells in every individual. "Eve Ensler" the author of Vagina Monologues calls it "The Girl Cell". It is in men as well as in women. This particular group of a cell is central to the evolution of our species and is in the continuation of the human race. At some point in the history, the group of powerful people invested in owning and controlling the world, understood the suppression, oppression, undermining, destroying of this particular cell thus began the process of killing of the girl cell.

And that's been called patriarchy.

Now guess how the world ends up raising boys. To be a boy is to not to be a girl, to be a man is to not to be a girl, to be a woman is to not to be a girl, to be powerful is to not to be a girl, to be strong is to not to be a girl, to be a leader is to not be a girl. The irony, of course, is that denying girl, suppressing girl, refusing girl has led us here where we have come to live in a world with the most extreme form of violence, terrific poverty, mass rapes which is completely out of control only because we have suppressed our girl cells.

I invite you to value the girl cell within you and embrace your inner girl, Value the part that cries, value the part that's emotional, value the part that is vulnerable. That's where our future lies.

The world is free-
Traps the women in the idea that they are free;
It's a mental captivity.
The lands of free;
Knows how to program us into same circles
of shame
of inequality
of suppression
of disappointment
The smiles of love adorn
Yet Regret, Remorse and Shame.
Alone in the washroom with bright tiles around,
Experiencing the cruelty of blood for the first time
The stain it left both on clothes and heart
The base of women’s biology
Feeling the deception of the body against the soul
And the intense pain, humiliation, and disgrace within
Yet welcoming the sense of womanhood
In the miserable state of losing the cherished girlishness
Wishing the blend of happiness and prosperity deep within.
The mental agony at times
When people limit your beliefs,
Only because you are a girl..!!
Pleasant dreams turned to the shattered hopes,
And the dear dreams in the state of approval from the loved ones
Yet withholding all the power and strength,
Fighting for the battle of life and future
You are who you are unique and awesome.
Within the world like a warzone,
Women are made the warrior to win
With the right wisdom to choose the Warfield and
With the whip of peace and love, you are
Warrior to wrestle well
Who washes away the violence,
Wounds of the past, And
Worries of other women.
Withholding the will within
What a wonder-working warrior You are...!!
Worthy of millions of wows.


At Saxon Global Every Day Is Women’s Day

Neeti Pundhir

1. What inspires you?
My mom because she never gives up. She is heart’s patient and she has been fighting against this disease since 20-25 years. She never shows us she is weak. She always has a beautiful smile on her pretty face and keeps saying never let yourself down, you are enough capable to do anything in this world. Nothing is impossible it is just you have to believe in yourself what exactly you are. That’s what I believe and I never give up in my life.

2. What defines you?
Confident, bold, honest, smart, strong, emotional, responsible, lovable, funny, helpful, quick learner a mix of all emotions which make a good human being. I always want to learn new things and always try to do new and different things.

3. What do you enjoy the most in life?
I really feel good and enjoy whenever I am the reason behind someone's smile.

Deepanshi Singh

1. What inspires you?
I have also learned that my best work comes when I don’t really care about the outcome when I am just messing around with the art supplies. True creativity requires a willingness to play with the raw materials, whether those materials are words, paint, pixels, fabric, whatever!

2. What defines you?
Aspiring to be valuable not successful.

3. What do you enjoy the most in life?
Helping others and be creative in all chores.


1. What inspires you?
The role model of my life is my MOTHER. She is a role model of my career, whenever I see her and listen to her words I get a strong feeling that I can do anything in my life. She raised me to be good and do good to others even though what they do return is venom.

2. What defines you?
MY ACTIONS Yes my action defines me not only me everyone is well defined by their actions As we know Who is Mary Kom because what she has done by her actions. Every single decision I am going to make or every decision I Made defines me.

3. What do you enjoy the most in life?
My Success: The moment when my parents feel proud because of me. Becoming the best version of myself (continuous improvement) Everyone I know who goes to work complains about having to cook dinner in the evening. To me making dinner every evening is such a wonderful stress buster as I love cooking and it is one of the things which I enjoy doing in my life.

A woman’s worth. She gave life. She is a wife. She is a mother and she is a friend. She is a sister a survivor to the end. APPRECIATE HER. BE STRONG LADIES, it's OUR DAY……..

Ity Tomar

1. What inspires you?
There are lots of things which inspires me but when I spend time with my parents and they encourage me and the bonding which I have with my parents define the virtue of mine and give me the strength to fulfill what they really expect from me. My parents trust me inspires me a lot.

2. What defines you?
Being a girl my simplicity, positivity, and words define me because it can win anything in this world.

3. What do you enjoy the most in life?
I enjoy every moment when I am with my family and friends and I also enjoy with my Note Book, Pen and one cup of Tea.

Twisha Basak

1. What inspires you?
My dream to be a better human being inspires me to walk towards it

2. What defines you?
Struggler for whom Sky is not the Limit as Great things never come from comfort zones

3. What do you enjoy the most in life? I love waking up with a determination to do something not just to exist but also to inspire

Arushi Mehrotra

1. What inspires you?
I would mention my English Professor Mr. Parvez Ahmad, He really changed my life and views towards society. He is one of my most inspirational Personality and also my Mom Mrs. Priya Mehrotra who makes me an Independent and very confident person.

2. What defines you?
My simplicity and caring nature define me really well and that helps me to adopt any kind of environment.

3. What do you enjoy the most in life?
Travelling is very enjoyable things what I love to do. Get an interaction with new people, learn a new culture and try different varieties of food.


1. What inspires you?
I get inspiration by investigating my life. Pulling it apart at the seams and seeing what’s inside. A bit like an archaeologist (A person who studies human history) who is digging for clues. I look down the surface of what is seen, to find the places that are not seen but felt. The spaces and places that have no words. The spiritual aspects of life.

2. What defines you?
My smile defines me, Smiling makes people feel good and positive, conveying a sense of good-will, rapport, and trust.

3. What do you enjoy the most in life?
My childhood


What Factors Do You Need to Consider While Connecting an MSP?

As per BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), in May 2017 report, 3.8 percent of workers were contingent. There is no doubt that this number is going to increase in the upcoming years. Are you planning to hire contingent labor?

Managing contingent workforce is a challenging task, therefore, it is always suggested to connect with an MSP. Managed Service Providers (MSP) are the experts who handle the entire process of placing a contract employee. They manage talent acquisition, screening, onboarding, compliance and offboard of the contract employees. An MSP could be your best partner in success if you choose the best one. Much before selecting an MSP (Managed Service Provider), you need to consider some factors to ensure that you are selecting a partner that you can rely on completely to achieve your staffing goals.

Start with your requirements

You should start by understanding your requirements first. You need to know how many contingent employees you want and associated cost. Having all your numbers related to contingent labor will help you in selecting the right MSP. Here are the factors that you need to consider while connecting with an MSP: Once you are ready with your expectations from the MSP, these are the checklist for evaluating the selected MSPs

Industry Specialization

Wouldn’t be great if you connect with a staffing agency or MSP having expertise in filling the positions of your industry verticals? Yes, therefore, you need to ensure that MSP has the required industry specialization.

Quick Turnaround Time /Order Fulfillment

When it comes to managing contingent labor, a quick turnaround is one of the most important factors. You want to fill vacant positions or get the job done in time. Therefore, you need to evaluate this factor. How can you check how fast MSP can fulfill your job order? You can ask them to share their job order fulfillment rate. Moreover, you can check some testimonials as well to verify the facts.


Transparency in the process is a vital determinant of success. Therefore, an MSP should be transparency in the entire process of managing contingent labor. You should have access to all relevant reports and data, screening process, validation, billing accuracy, compliance, etc.


If you are looking for a quality MSP, you wish to have the one that ensures agency follows all compliance and lawsuits related to the contingent workforce. Therefore, you need to evaluate the potential MSP on these compliance factors: Contract and audit compliance, Legally compliant and overall risk mitigation.

Genuine Talent Pool

An MSP should have the right talent pool so that whenever you share your requirement, the agency can offer you the option. The ultimate objective of connecting with an MSP is getting the right talent at the right time. An agency having a pool of the right talent would be the best choice.

Cost Savings

Not only finding the right talent should be your top priority but also keeping the contingent labor costs low. Therefore, you need to ensure that MSP helps you to manage your contingent labor costs.

The reason we are discussing these factors is the availability of several staffing agencies in the market. Not all but surely a few of them would match your criteria. It is not only having the right talent at the right time but building a long-term relationship.

Saxon Global, headquartered in Irving, has a reputation to consistently bridge the gap between the right job and the right talent. We provide a truly integrated onshore and offshore recruiting model that increases the volume and quality of candidates. With 3 India locations and 2 U.S. locations, we are recruiting around the clock to meet your needs. Our decades of experience catering to finding the right candidates for your IT and engineering needs.


What We Learned From a Room Full of Technology Leaders

Recently, we had the opportunity to bring together technology leaders from DFW that had over 150 years of collective experience in the technology space. A healthy discussion on their daily challenges and the strategies they’ve tried over the years took place, and several valid points were made. The discussion was led and moderated by Michael Mirau, Former CIO of Interstate Batteries and one of the leading Gazelle coaches in Dallas.

As we continued to discuss our people problems, the key issues that emerged were expected. We all struggle finding and keeping the right talent, building healthy pipelines of talent, and maintaining the ability to ramp-up quickly. These struggles are the downstream challenges of leaders. While communication with the Board of Directors, getting their buy-in for new technology initiatives, and procurement seemed to be the upstream people issues.

In the current market, where every job opening only has 0.7 qualified resources available, organizations are competing for talent. Mike shared the easiest ways to be successful at finding and keeping the best talent in today’s market by following 4 simple rules. First, organizations should be hyper-disciplined in defining a job scorecard for each role. This promotes clarity and diffuses confusion, right from the beginning. Second, maintaining documented processes inside the organization will bring consistency and stability to employees and outside parties. Third, training & onboarding employees should be top priority. Giving employees tangible and definitive proof that the organization wants them to advance can go a long way in building trust. Fourth and final, creating a culture that fosters and recognizes giving & receiving feedback at all levels of an organization brings transparency and drives innovation.

As a staffing partner looking to help these technology leaders, Saxon is re-committing to perfecting our processes:

A)     Vetting candidates – Making sure that consultants who are being submitted have the right skill set for the Job, have experience in similar industry or technologies, value addition that they can bring into the project.

B)    Understanding the client’s business – Majority of staffing vendors operate without understanding the business of the client. It always pays off to learn about the nature of client's industry, business process & models

C)    Understanding competencies – Keywords of technologies are important to filter but one needs to go in depth and look for extensive experience in skill sets desired for the job.

D)    Alignment – How many times do we ask the hiring manager about their culture & values. It is extremely important that the consultants who we send over align to client's organizational ecosystem

E)    Process – Hiring process is unique to every organization and it becomes important for staffing partners to have good understand of it. This will also help them to educate consultants in terms of timelines and stages of interviewing.

Jun 01, 2019

Celebrating the Amazing Women of Saxon Global

Rani Spaulding

Sr. Account Manager

I'm so proud of our core values! I love Saxon because they have given me an incredible opportunity to assist with opening of the Austin office.

Sandhya Prashanth

Sr. HR Manager

For me, Saxon is a family where there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and everybody stands for each other. I Love my job with Saxon for its positive culture, here every individual shares the same vison and works towards the same mission.

Megha Kalia


I truly feel my work is of vital importance because we are responsible for helping employees get their work visas in the US. So, my job remains challenging, but it gives me energy every day to perform better.

Sabitha Raj

Accounts Manager

"I love being a part of a great, dedicated team that I get to train and motivate with good results.

Laura Ashley

Vertical Sales Head

I love this Job because it has created my identity. I’ve met my soul mate, created a family, bought my dream home, and put my daughter in the best schools so she has a better future.

Rhashika Lewis

Technical Recruiter

The best thing about Saxon is the ability to be a part of a team, collaborate as a team, and grow as a team!

Vishu Srivastava

Legal Executive

I love working here because I get to interact with a different mindset of people and I also enjoy the culture of the Saxon family.

Swathi Nuttakki

HR Analyst

I get to learn new things in Accounts & HR every day, and I really love working with all of the team members with different backgrounds & cultures.

Twisha Basak

Legal & Compliance Manager

I enjoy the people and diversity while working at Saxon. I feel that I am appreciated, trusted, and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished.

Bailey Dunlap

Technical Recruiter

I love working for a company that invests in its employees every day and encourages us to grow professionally as well as personally! At Saxon Global, I know that I will be supported in my career aspirations, and that is so priceless!

Anushka Kesari

Business Development Manager

As a new hire here, I’m still in the process of falling in love with this job. But, talking with new people all day has already taught me new things which will benefit me in the future.

Taylor Boughner

Technical Recruiter

I love working at Saxon Global because I get to interface with all aspects of the company. Saxon Global encourages continuous development and contribution from all employees.

Ranjita Dey


I love the flexibility and freedom I have at work to do my job without being micro-managed. It is a wish to work for a company that is growing in the right direction, and I’m enjoying every bit of it!

Fareeha Shaukat

Business Analyst

I love my job because I am provided multiple learning opportunities every day.

Shalini Singh

HR Manager

My company has a positive and adaptive culture and it provides me an opportunity to be creative, to try new things, and meet new people.

Anshu Pal

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I love working in our Delhi office! I’m lucky to work with incredibly supportive, talented people who I’m constantly learning from, and collaborating with.

Abhiruchi Abinash

Sr. Technical Recruiter

I now work for a busy but creative organization where everyone on the staff truly gets along and pitches in to get the job done — even if it’s not written in their job description. There’s no egos, politics, or gossip, and that’s why Saxon is my second home.

Neeti Pundhir

Human Resource Executive

I love my job because it challenges me every day to do my best. My manager appreciates my work and everyone, no matter who they are, is warm and welcoming.

Kanchan Chauhan

Technical Recruiter

I love my job because we can literally change the life of individuals by placing them in their dream jobs!

Ria Chakraborty

Sr . Account Manager

Working in Tier One sales is a very challenging task but finding new solutions to overcome these challenges makes me fall in love with my work again and again.

Jaya Kushwaha

Technical Recruiter

There are many things that I love about my job like the work environment, flexibility, and the helping nature of colleagues!

Sandhya Shakya

Assistant HR Manager

I'm good at my job and feel positive about my contribution to the company growth. It's provided me with a wealth of understanding and knowledge that permits me to add value to others' lives.


Business Development Executive

I love working in our Noida office! My company has a positive and adaptive culture and it provides me an opportunity to be creative, to try new things, and meet new people.

Emily Venable

Business Development Executive

I love working in our Dallas office! We have a diverse team, and I get to experience other cultures’ traditions and celebrations constantly.


The Reciprocity rule

Social psychology has helped us understand social norms based on how individuals think, feel, behave and interact. These three variables can be measured in human interaction and help us understand and predict how certain individuals may react to one’s actions. Social psychology examines these variables to bridge the gap between psychology and sociology. In 1945, we started to see a shift in the study of sociology and psychology to macro variables, which focuses more on individuals' actions and thought processes.

The reciprocity rule is a social psychology term which describes the social norm of how we interact when receiving a positive action or response. In most situations, when you communicate positive action with another individual, that individual will then respond with another positive action. The importance of this rule in a professional business setting really starts to set in when you are in a sales environment. It is believed that the survival of humans has been based our ability to grow cohesively by sharing goods and services. The notion of repaying someone with a gift has been embedded into our culture and is arguably a basic human instinct. There are many different ways in which you can utilize the reciprocity rule to help ensure positive client interaction, and grow a relationship. As we have seen, a simple thank you email after a meeting can drastically influence interaction with a particular client. Some other practices which have been proven as effective are dropping off a small gift 1-2 days after client interaction. This can be something simple like a gift card for a coffee shop. One of the best ways you can utilize this rule is by stopping by to drop off breakfast to a prospect. I have heard countless success stories using this simple technique – who doesn’t love free food?

The higher number of positive responses communicated to an individual will almost always yield higher positive responses back. This is due to a feeling of indebtedness which is triggered by a positive interaction, which can be initiated by either party. Taking these actions will help keep you fresh in a client's mind, and sets you apart from the rest of the competition. This will in turn lead to more sales opportunities, higher closing rates, and increased client interactions.


Saxon Global: Full Speed Ahead

Saxon Global has shown tremendous growth since its start in 2007. The company was founded by Gopi Kandukuri as a technical staffing and business intelligence consulting firm. Starting with an office in North Texas, Saxon quickly expanded to add an off-shore team in India. Gopi was able to build an outstanding recruitment team, and the staffing division aggressively grew. The off-shore team focused on supporting large system integrators and Tier 1 staffing firms; while the on-shore team worked to build a fast-moving model that was able to source the right technical candidates effectively.

For ten years, this model has been successful. In 2018, we are reaching for even bigger goals and looking to shake-up the IT staffing, recruiting, and consulting industry. Backed by disciplined and highly-trained teams, Saxon Global has set its sights on the rest of the United States. We will continue to provide a great value for our clients that are challenged to scale past their own recruiting capability.

2017 Growth and Shift

For the 3rd consecutive year, Saxon Global’s revenue has exceeded the national growth rate average by double digits. Finishing 2017 at an all-time high, our revenue is on track to keep growing at an accelerated rate in 2018. In 2017, the Dallas team focused on building relationships with direct customers and training their new team members on the best practices of IT recruiting. Our internal headcount has tripled in our Dallas office and Saxon has added over forty new faces to the teams in India. We’ve filled up our office space in Dallas with veterans of the IT staffing world and quick-learning new comers to the industry.

2018 Headcount Growth Goals

To stay on track for our 2018 growth goal, Saxon is building solid teams that will serve as the foundation for the growth to come. The Dallas office is expanding to a team of 30 account managers and recruiters by the end of the year, and the off-shore team will reach 150 team members. This gives us a platform to service our local market with an exceptional amount of customer service while utilizing the scalable power of the off-shore team.

2018 Culture and Milestones

The Dallas team is forming a culture continuous learning. Whether it’s our time spent at weekly skilled sales training or our monthly Lunch N’ Learn technology seminars, we are always pushing ourselves to evolve. Culture is important in any business, but at Saxon Global it is an essential cornerstone to servicing our clients. We only hire team members that amplify the ideas of our core values: accountability, customers first, teamwork, simplifying, playing bold, and having fun.

2017 was an exceptional year of growth at Saxon Global, but 2018 is looking even brighter. We’re excited to continue this journey of growth and success with all of our clients, present and future.

May 31, 2019

Scrum and Beyond

What is Greener Than Grass?

One of the great privileges of working for Saxon Global is the amount of effort the leadership puts into training all levels of staff. One of the most difficult parts of working for Saxon is being, by far, the least technically savvy person in the room.

I have the immense pleasure of being the most green employee in the entire office. Part of the extensive training involves bringing in actual consultants to share details about their trade and focus in the IT world. A few weeks ago, we hosted the immensely talented Rabea Buksik as gave us a thorough lesson on Scrum Framework and the benefits of the practice. Rabea, a certified Scrum master and former TK20 employee, was quick to a joke but still incredibly insightful.


The meeting started with Rabea asking who all was familiar with Scrum Framework and how technical she could be with explanations. As luck would have it, everyone has at least three years of applicable experience and had a thorough understanding of Scrum so we could skip the basics. Everyone, of course, except for myself. This wouldn’t be a tremendous problem because Scrum is relatively intuitive; it is a framework (NOT a methodology) for sustaining and producing complex products. In short, Scrum allows for open and flexible communication during projects.


What is Scrum?

I am by no means an expert, but the training by Rabea left me infinitely more knowledgeable about the process. Scrum can be mistaken for a methodology, but the true purpose is more relaxed than that. Methodology suggests a particular set of principles, tools, and practices will be used for a project while a framework implies autonomy and personal license. Scrum does not dictate what tools will be used; it acts as a catalyst for improved communication and teamwork.

Scrum is broken up into 2-4 week “sprints”, but maintains daily meetings to monitor progress and hold the team accountable. The process has a couple of different players:

  • Product Owner – Liaison between business stakeholders and development team. Sets “goals” with user stories in the form of product backlogs.
  • Development Team – Does bulk of the coding or development of the “goals” set by the product owner
  • Scrum Master – Facilitator for the Development Team, but not to be mistaken for a lead. More than anything, the Scrum Master is a servant leader and assists wherever possible. Runs the Daily Scrum.

All of these players come together to create an environment that is more flexible and much quicker than old school waterfall methodologies. The sprints have the following (ideal) structure:

Product backlog à Sprint planning à Sprint backlog à Sprint! à Ship product

The teams work independently for this 2-4 week sprint, but the Scrum Master will lead out on a “Daily Scrum” every morning in which the entire team to discuss impediments, user story progress, and general work context. There is a serious focus on everyone standing during the Daily Scrum so time is not wasted and people get through their talking points quickly.

The end product within Scrum can fall under many different spectrums, but all Scrum projects have a focus on speed and transparency. Ultimately when a consultant works in Scrum framework they have experience in a fast-paced, teamwork centric environment and everything else is a variable.

I have a ton to learn about the implications of Scrum, but Rabea has given me adequate knowledge to have confidence when discussing the framework with potential consultants, and that means the training is incredibly effective.

Alex R. – First Year Recruiter at Saxon Global



Tech Meetups Empower Your Organization

The Meetups we see in the Dallas area are impressively insightful and they are providing real value to those who attend. Tonight’s session we ventured to was called “Building Bots in AWS”. The format was an half hour discussion about how to study for Amazon Web Services certifications then followed with an hour of guided instruction on how to build a Chat Bot using Lambda in AWS. From groups of engineers studying for AWS certifications, Agile enthusiasts debating Agile frameworks, and Product Managers discussing the evolution of their roles, we have seen how Meetups drive collaboration across organizations.

The intelligence level at these Meetups is quite impressive. The audiences range from entry level CS graduates to 35 year tech veterans. You can find all of them participating as a think tank focusing on a trending topic for a few hours straight. The solutions that are thrown out and the recent best practices give different organizations new ideas and validation for tech trends they are mauling over for their own adoption. Here are three values that we have seen from shadowing the smart people at these Meetups.

1. Best Practices

As you are leading new initiatives for your organization, it can be difficult to build your case for adopting tools and processes that are new on the market. Executive and business stakeholders buy in may take a little more convincing than you just saying it’s a good idea. By attending these meetings you are able to witness how other tech focused teams are putting new technologies to work. Even better, you have an avenue to ask them live questions about the adoption and pit falls of the technologies. We see teams bring examples of how they prototyped and ruled new tech in or out for their organizations to these Meetups consistently.

2. Team Building

As teams learn together, they bond. However paying for high end training that is relevant can be expensive. These Meetups provide a great venue for you and your team to explore new topics for free. It could be ideal to take the team out for tacos then head over to the MeetUp and sit together.

3. Recruiting Opportunity

As we mentioned earlier, these rooms are full of smart engineers that going to events to educate themselves. What a great avenue to meet new potential employees for your team. If you have open positions, you usually can ask the Meetup moderator to let you post an open position on their forum or stand up during the meeting and announce your role. Come early or stay late, you will be able to strike up conversations with likeminded tech folks that you could see hiring.


Your Top Employees Know Your Next Great Hire

Most of your successful hires are going come through your current team. However it’s not top of mind for your team to tell you about who they know to hire. Let’s explore some techniques to drive new hires from your current employees.

Hire the References

As you meet strong candidates during your interview process make sure to ask for their references. Even if the references were peers on the team, you need those names in your candidate funnel. We see that the references as the next step on the food chain and not a just a check box in the process of identifying talent in a competitive market. You will need to practice transitioning your reference check to prospecting call. This is usually accomplished by flipping the call from a conversation about the candidate to asking the reference about their current role. Here are simple lead ins to the conversation:

“I appreciate you sharing so much about Michael’s time working with you at ExcelNet. This will help us make a final decision. I am curious, what type of role are in you in now? Do you enjoy it? Would you change anything about the position?” As you guide this call, you could find some data points about the candidate

Broadcast Your Jobs Internally and Often

How often does your team get a full breakdown of all positions that are open within your company? Your team might be responsible for running testing and operations, but they probably worked with very talented Full Stack Engineers at their last company. We seem to forget that just telling your team about the opening isn’t going to spread the word to enough folks. How to fix this? Simple. Start emailing out the open positions list every week to your entire organization. Spread the word during your stand ups, town halls, and newsletters. Also, pass the word through your chat tools like Slack or HipChat. However, get the message out of your silo! The teams that are focusing on other projects might have the one away connection that is your next hire.

Pay Big Bucks for Referrals

The cost of third party recruiting can become over whelming. You can dedicate a part of that recruiting budget to create an effective referral program internally. This is a best practice that some of the largest and forward thinking companies take advantage of and it works. Paying your employees $1,000 bonuses for recommending great candidates that get hired can save tens of thousands from the recruiting budget. Companies such Capital One pay $2,500 referral bonuses to employees that recommend hires for the IT organization. In order to pull this off, you need have the team aware of the program and a tool to track the referrals correctly (internal web portal, Sharepoint, or Google Sheet will suffice). Partner with your HR department to correctly set up how these referrals are introduced and guided through the interview process. Also see if they can set a unique code or referral tag that can placed with the candidates profile if they apply online to positions.

Saxon Chatbot