Acts as the patients advocate to ensure that the prescribed drug therapy and pharmacy care plan are followed as prescribed and also meet the medical, social and personal needs of the patient. Assists the patient by coordinating their prescribed pharmacy care with the patients health care providers, payers, and other health related resources to ensure successful drug therapy outcomes and demonstrate value to patients, healthcare providers and payers. Answers and resolves patient inquiries within committed time frames. Understands the physical, psychological and social challenges of specific disease states and assists the patient with drug therapy and pharmacy care issues. Promotes drug compliance. Reports all adverse events related to drug therapy and pharmacy care. Establishes and maintains strong customer relationships with physician practices to streamline communication to the patient, payers, pharmacist, nurse, lab and other healthcare related parties. Participates in Administration of patient's pharmacy care plan. Troubleshoots and resolves patient and payer issues in a timely fashion. Works in a team-structured environment to provide support to other members of the healthcare team. Embraces a continuous quality improvement customer service approach by pro-actively identifying areas of improvement and communicating those ideas to the healthcare team. Maintains current notes and documentation related to patient's drug therapy and pharmacy care plan; flags issues that need to be addressed. Coordinates responses and resolutions with appropriate internal and external parties. Actively participates in discussions with pharmacists, nursing services, pharmacy support manager and other pharmacy care coordinators to review cases and related drug therapy and pharmacy care plan issues. Performs related duties as assigned. Strong time management, organizational skills, initiative, professional demeanor and positive attitude Attention to detail, quick study, self-motivated, proactive, and the ability to work independently with a high degree of initiative Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to promote a positive team environment. A champion for excellence, efficiency and quality. Ability to collaborate with other professionals within the organization Strong interpersonal skills. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.


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